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[[Yog (Birth of a Barbarian)]]
[[Yog (Birth of a Barbarian)]]
[[Category: Campaigns]]
[[Category: Campaign]]

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Since it is crucial for Yog not to use magic, the first map will be easier if you recruit a powerful wizard hero as an ally to keep the Bracadans at bay.


You are Yog, trying to escape from Bracada to join the Krewlod army. The Bracadian wizards are trying to stop you.


First mission: Escape from Bracada.

Second mission: Reach Ulgak, capital of Krewlod.

Third mission: Bring Armor of Wonder and Sandals of the Saint to a Seer.

Fourth mission: Bring Celestial Necklace of Bliss and Lion's Shield of Courage to a Seer.

Fifth mission: Bring Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment and Sword of Judgement to a Seer.



Yog the Wizard
Basic information:
Yog Class: Wizard
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Genie
Yog studied many years with the Wizards of Bracada, but he would rather spend his time engaging in swordplay rather than studying magic.
Specialty: Chain Lightning
Specialty Chain Lightning Casts Chain Lightning with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics
Basic Offense  Basic Offense
Starting troops:
Gremlin Gremlin Always
Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle 3/4
Stone Golem Stone Golem 1/4
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Gremlin Gremlin Always
Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle Always
Stone Golem Stone Golem Always

In the Shadow of Death campaign Birth of a Barbarian, Yog is presented as a Wizard. However, his starting primary skills (Attack 2, Defense 2, Spell Power 1, Knowledge 1) correspond instead to those of a Knight. He does not start with a spellbook, and cannot acquire one (entering a Mage Guild while he is a visiting Hero results in a messagebox telling "Yog has given up magic in all its forms. His knowledge of battle and tactics will have to be enough to get him through the rest of his life."). Interestingly, his specialty is Chain Lightning (same as Solmyr), despite being unable to cast spells at all (due to his lack of spellbook)

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