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Collective term used for a kind of Adventure map object where a hero can battle some guardians for a reward, usually Gold, and possibly some Resources, Creatures and Artifacts, depending on the object. What's special about the banks is that the hero's troops will start in the middle, surrounded by the guardians, and that no War Machines can be brought into battle. If the hero loses or flee, defeated guardians do not respawn.

List of Banks

Bank Guardians Treasure
Crypt 50-60 low-tier Undead 1.000-5.000 Gold and possibly one artifact
Cyclops Stockpile 20-50 Cyclops 4-10 of each resource other than Gold
Derelict Ship 20-60 Water Elementals 3.000-6.000 Gold and possibly one artifact
Dragon Fly Hive 30-90 Dragon Flies 4-12 Wyverns
Dragon Utopia 16-26 Dragons (Green, Gold, Red, Black) 20.000-50.000 Gold and four artifacts
Dwarven Treasury 50-150 Dwarves 2.500-7.500 Gold and 2-10 Crystal
Griffin Conservatory 50-200 Griffins 1-4 Angels
Imp Cache 100-300 Imps 1.000-5.000 Gold and 2-6 Mercury
Medusa Stores 20-50 Medusas 2.000-5.000 Gold and 5-10 Sulfur
Naga Bank 10-30 Nagas 4.000-12.000 Gold and 8-24 Gems
Shipwreck 10-50 Wights 2.000-5.000 Gold and possibly one artifact

Visiting crypts or shipwrecks that have already been cleared decreases the morale of the Hero's troops by one point until the next battle.