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{{Earth spells}}{{spelltable|Earth Magic|12|2 Rounds|3rd}}
#REDIRECT [[Force Field]]
Creates an impassable wall, that can only be removed by expert [[Remove Obstacle]].
{{skills|Effect|Wall is 2 hexes high|Cost reduced by 3|Wall is 3 hexes high|Same as advanced)}}
Underrated spell.<br>
It has two main uses: to block enemy walkers from going down a narrow path, and to protect shooters from attacks. 
The latter capability can be VERY useful
against the AI in certain situations if you have a large stack of shooters ([[Titan]]s being the most obvious).  If you place them in the upper left corner, you can cover the
[[Ammo Cart]] as well with the Force Field, and if you are facing 2-hex non-ranged enemies who are slower than you (or can be made slower by [[Haste]], [[Slow]], and/or [[Prayer]]), you
cannot lose even against a much superior force.  A human opponent of course would be able to circumvent your plan in a number of ways...
'''Note:''' Spell duration is NOT increased by any of the spell-duration boosting artifacts ([[Ring of Conjuring|Ring]], [[Collar of Conjuring|Collar]]& [[Cape of Conjuring]]).
[[Category: Spells]]

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