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{{Earth spells}}{{Spell
#REDIRECT [[Force Field]]
| school      = earth magic
| level      = 3rd
| cost        = 12
| duration    = 2 rounds
| b_effect    = A two hex-wide force wall is created at target hex. Movement through these hexes is blocked.
| a_effect    = Same as basic effect, except the force wall is three hexes wide.
| e_effect    = Same as advanced effect.
}} The spell creates an impassable wall, that can only be removed by expert [[remove obstacle]]. It should be noted, that the duration of force field is always two rounds. It can not be increased with spell power or artifacts ([[Ring of Conjuring|Ring]], [[Collar of Conjuring|Collar]] or [[Cape of Conjuring]]).
== Strategy ==
Force field is used to block enemy ground troops from advancing. It is often used in this purpose to protect shooters or at least give them more time to thin enemy troops. It becomes very useful in battle fields with suitable obstacles, that create narrow paths or pockets. Even in a totally clear battle field, with expert [[earth magic]] a three wide force field can protect one hex size troops on the edge of the field. Although quite hypotetical situtation, a basic force field can be used to protect troops using defending hero's corners.
== Comments & debate ==
Force field is specially useful against CPU-players, because they never use [[remove obstacle]] spell against you.
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