In the Wake of Gods

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Adds a lot of new features that were not included in the original Heroes of Might and Magic III.


For players

  • New campaigns
  • New heroes' specialties
  • New monsters
  • New artifacts
  • New dwellings
  • New objects of different nature
  • New decorations
  • New unique animated decorations
  • Creature stacks have experience
  • Heroes have commanders
  • All normal maps can be "WoGified"
  • Hero skills are more balanced
  • Towns can be destroyed and rebuilt

For map creators

  • Ability to change a view of the map during the game (for example season changes)
  • Ability to set a custom hero' s portrait
  • Ability to incorporate customizable dialogue for maps
  • Ability to incorporate new pictures and videos for maps
  • Ability to do pretty much anything thanks to ERM Scripting and DEF-tools.

New Items

  • Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity
    • Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity
    • In addition to the regular bonuses, the Barbarian Lord´s Axe of Ferocity gives all of a hero's melee units an additional strike with each attack. This extra strike is added to the number of strikes the creature normally makes: if a creature already strikes twice, it will now strike three times. Ranged creatures do not receive this bonus when making melee attacks.
    • Requires the following artifacts to create:

And more

  • See the WoG Article on Celestial Heavens for a more complete feature listing.


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