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The Inferno is an Evil alignment town focused mainly on offensive magic.


Inferno towns appear in the regions of Erathia where demons rise from hell to the surface. Demoniacs and Heretics managed to form an alliance with the inhabitants of Inferno. The Inferno troops are great in hand-to-hand combat. The main flaw of the Inferno army is the lack of shooters, but it's compensated by its relatively fast build tree and the high damage output of its creatures. The fast Efreet Sultans, the terrible Devils, and the Pit Lords with their demon-herding ability make them a serious force.

Inferno deals with everything that is fire. Although often considered a weak town, Inferno still has some nasty advantages. Put simply, Inferno isn't bad at all, it's just more difficult to play with.


Common Buildings:

Inferno Specific Buildings

Creature Dwellings

Town Costs

["Basic" includes Citadel, Castle & any prerequisites: "Upgrades" also includes prerequisites]

Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 38300 32500 115300
Wood 45 15 120
Ore 55 20 120
Crystal 0 4 28
Gems 3 9 36
Mercury 23 39 86
Sulfur 3 19 51
Troop cost/week: 28090 Gold 4 Mercury


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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Castle Gate: A life-saver on maps with more than one Inferno town.
  • Pit Lord's Demon summon ability: Lets you horde demons.
  • Efreet Sultans are very good at clearing a map: they have speed, damage, and enough hp. They can also be used in a Dracageddon combo.


  • Arch Devils are very expensive.
  • Lacking in the Hero department.
  • Imps and Familiars are incredibly weak first level units, and have no redeeming features save their speed (the Familiars' channel ability is hardly noticable).
  • The Inferno produces the least hit points per week of all the towns.


The Castle Gate is an enormous advantage. Use it. Often. One of the good things about it is that you only have to upgrade all the creature buildings in ONE town, just use a backup hero to teleport between the different towns to pick up creatures, then teleport to upgrade them all at once at the upgraded town.

Another good thing about the Castle Gate is that one hero can be used to defend all towns.

Additional Information

Alignment: Evil

Native Terrain: Lava

J R rates this town's music 4/5


Fire Magic