Object Events (HotA)

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Altar of Mana


Ancient Lamp


Beholders' Sanctuary

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Black Tower

You stand in front of a dragon's dwelling. The vicious creature is terrorising the surrounding lands. Would you like to battle it? Guarded by a few (1-4) % Dragons.

Having defeated the % Dragon, you discover the % and % Gold.

A dragon once lived in this tower, hoever now it is empty and holds nothing of interest.

Cannon Yard



You are near the abandoned graveyard. Would you like to search it? Guarded by a Throng (100-249) of Walking Dead

After defeating the undead you search the graveyard and find something useful!

Colosseum of the Magi

A big show is taking place at the Colosseum today. You enter the arena and hold the audience in awe with your magical prowess. Insatiable hunger for knowledge is what makes a true mage, so you gladly accept the first prize, which is one the newest academical handbooks.

Moderator of the Colosseum instantly recognises you but respectfully denies entrance to the competitor zone. You probably should rather be featuring as a talent judge here!

Experimental Shop

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An old Knight appears on the steps of the gazebo. "I will teach you all that I know to aid you in your travels. However, I'll let you know a small donation to the Retired Knights' League is required. A thousand gold will suffice."

Hermit's Shack

On entering the shack you see no renovations have been done since you were here last time. The wallpaper still features familiar writings.

Hill Fort (New)


Ivory Tower

You stand in front of an Ivory Tower. Mage foes keep the prisoners captured. Taking their side will allow you to gain valuable allies. Are you ready to test your fortune? Guarded by % of Arch Magi

Having defeated the Arch Magi, you discover % Enchanters.

You enter the Ivory Tower, however nobody is home.



You inspect the jettisoned cargo. Nothing of value can be found.


Please inspect our fine wares. If you feel like offering a trade, click on the items you wish to trade with and for.


An ancient mansion is in front of you. It did not lose its former splendor yet. Looks like nobody is here. Would you dare to enter? Guarded by % of Vampire Lords

Having defeated the Vampire Lords, you discover %

This mansion did not lose its former splendor yet, however there is nothing of value inside.

Mineral Spring

Everybody's belly is chock full of bubbly water. That's enough hydration for today.

Observation Tower

(=redwood - From the top of the observatory, you are able to see distant lands.)


An astronomer offers you to take his apprentice for a shipboy. You might find his lookout skill useful, while the youth could do with a break from studies. However, the astronomer will need him back in a week for the next round of planned observations.

(+2 scouting radius until the end of the week)

Pirate Cavern

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Red Tower

The captured Firebirds will serve you gladly. Would you like to fight the guards? Guarded by a % of Fire Elementals

Having defeated the Fire Elementals, you discover % Firebirds.

Firebirds were once kept captive here, however now the place is abandoned.


Bone rattling and otherworldly howls echo between crumbling walls and towers. Do you wish to explore the ruins?

You climb the mound of bones to reach the top of the highest standing tower, where you find a heap of ancient coins. You also take some time to read the land lying around.

Wind whistling about melodically is the most interesting thing you find in the ruins. Well, at least you manage to take a good look around the place from the tower.

Sea Barrel


Seafaring Academy

Flapping sails and screeching ropes are music for the ears of those who graduated this ancient Academy. A midshipman can master the following skills here.

An academy warden approaches, squinting his surviving eye and scratching the eyebrow above eyepatch. "A degree in % will set you back 2000 gold."

Shrine of Magic Mystery


Skeleton Transformer



You stand in front of an entrance to a mossy, overgrown residence. You hear creeks and growling from inside. Dare to enter? Guarded by % of Basilisks

Having defeated the Basilisks, you discover % Gold.

Somebody was here before you, and the treasury was pillaged.

Temple of Loyalty

You pray in an unusual temple and and suddenly feel it has strengthened your troops' resolve.

The prayer at the Temple of Loyalty helps to bring the troops together, however your army is united already.

Temple of the Sea

You stand before the gates of the Temple of the Sea. Not a single mortal dared to enter it. Are you bold enough to be the first one? Guarded by %

Having defeated the Haspids, you discover % and % Gold.

A Temple of the Sea was here once. Now it's abandoned and empty.

Town Gate


Vial of Mana



The owner of the storage is apologising: 'I am sorry Milord, no % here. Please, return next week!'

Watering Place

Looks like a nice place for an overnight stop. Tomorrow your troops will be as fresh as they never were. Would you like to call it a day?

Troops are in a full blown recuperation mode. No chance of getting them into marching mood until tomorrow.

Wolf Raider Picket

creature bank template:

You have found a Wolf Raider Picket. Do you wish to attack the guards? Guarded by % of Wolf Raiders

Having defeated the Wolf Raiders, you discover % Cyclopes.

You have found what was once a Wolf Raider Picket, but it has been deserted for some time.