Resource Silo

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Resourece silo is one of the standard buildings. It produces additional resources, depending on the town it is built in. Resource silos all produce either the resource required for that town's level 7 unit, or 1 Wood and 1 Ore. Wood and Ore resource silos might be better for building up your town (especially on maps with few resources), but a resource silo that produces magical resources, combined with a Capitol, can make Rampart and Dungeon towns self-sufficient - the town produces enough gold and resources to buy all of it's units every week (provided that there isn't a special week or month). Inferno towns are almost self-sufficient, running at a loss of only 90 Gold per week.

  • Castle: +1 Wood and +1 Ore
  • Rampart: +1 Crystal
  • Tower: +1 Gem
  • Inferno: +1 Mercury
  • Necropolis: +1 Wood and +1 Ore
  • Dungeon: +1 Sulfur
  • Stronghold: +1 Wood and +1 Ore
  • Fortress: +1 Wood and +1 Ore
  • Conflux: +1 Mercury

Requires: marketplace
Cost: 5000 Gold + 5 Ore