Safe Passage

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Cinematic Briefing[edit]



You need to move the Deyja leader Nimbus across the map to your home city. He doesn't actually have to run a gauntlet; you don't move him until the practical action is finished.

Map Details[edit]

Difficulty: very easy

Map Size: very small

Next Map: United Front

Total Cities: 3

Underground: no


The enemy starts with no leaders.

Maximum Heroes: N/A

Maximum Level: All of your Heroes can be raised to at least level 6, with significant magic knowledge. A few of them can get a few more levels.

Starting Options[edit]

This is a very easy scenario. You will overrun your enemy within a few days. Therefore, you don't need any of the starting bonuses in this scenario. Pick any one. However, if you pick Logistics, then Nimbus will have that useful skill in the next scenario. At least, that is what you will think until you reach the next scenario, and Nimbus gets reset to lower stats, not including any bonuses he earned in this one. Therefore, the two Nimbus-specific bonuses are completely useless, because he spends the game trapped in a box, and the small amount of gold is unimportant.


  • You should be able to rush into the first enemy city as almost as soon as you start moving. After that, crushing the remaining enemy forces should be a piece of cake. But don't end the scenario yet!
  • Your 8 best leaders, including Nimbus, move to the next scenario. Because even basic leaders cost 2,500 gold, you should definitely make sure that you have a full crew, with maximum upgrades and magic, before you end this scenario.
  • In principle, you have infinite time and money. Don't be satisfied with second best in any of your leaders! Keep "re-rolling" until you get exactly what you want. Unfortunately, you can't do that with Nimbus, even though he is forced to have at least one useless secondary skill. Anyway, Nimbus is reset to lower stats next scenario, so don't bother upgrading him.