Spirit of Oppression

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Spirit of Oppression
Spirit of Oppression Class:
Cost: Gold
Spirit of Oppression artifact.gif

Spirit of Oppression is a class artifact, that is equipped in {{{slot}}} slot.

Artifact spirit.png

Equipped in a misc. slot, this artifact negates all morale bonuses during combat. Doesn't stop negative morale from happening.

Class: Treasure

Basic Cost: 10.000 gold


The Spirit of Oppression can be very useful when your army has no morale-boosting skills or items, and is especially useful for Necropolis (undead always have neutral morale) or Conflux armies (5 of the 7 creatures in the Conflux also have fixed neutral morale). Against neutral stacks it will prevent extra morale-based moves which may thwart an otherwise perfect tactical plan (neutral creatures subject to morale will always be +1 otherwise).