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The Stronghold is a neutral alignment town, with a focus on strong creatures and the might side of "Might and Magic".


Stronghold towns are built by alliances of tribes and are frequented by Barbarians and Battle Mages. Armies composed of Stronghold-based units have a balanced mix of ranged and hand-to-hand attackers. With the inclusion of the stronger units, these armies are particularly well-equipped to deal with attacks on other towns.


Common Buildings:

Stonghold Specific Buildings

Creature Dwellings

Town Costs

["Basic" includes Citadel, Castle & any prerequisites: "Upgrades" also includes prerequisites]

Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 28700 28000 91200
Wood 60 47 157
Ore 70 47 157
Crystal 30 20 60
Gems 0 5 15
Mercury 0 0 10
Sulfur 0 0 10
Troop cost/week: 24530 Gold 2 Crystal


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Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Escape Tunnel: it´s great to be able to retreat from a siege so you don´t lose your best hero this way.
  • Cyclopes and Cyclops Kings can attack castle walls with their ranged attack. This is a vastly underestimated special that can tip the scale in an attacking force´s favor very quickly, especially when combined with a fast initiative-giving unit and Haste (Expert level for best effect). High Morale (to enable multiple shots) is also extra useful for them (the spell for this is Mirth) and if you have the room in your army, every additional stack gives additional shots at the wall! A stack of 1 Cyclops King 'sieges' as good as a stack of 1000 would.


Additional Information