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Diamond Golems appear in RtE from time to time - encounters with Gold Golems will sometimes include them.

Fairy, Rust, Crystal and Azure Dragons are NOT level 7 units, try placing a random level 7 monster in the map editor, it will NEVER be any of the 4 uber dragons, meaning they must be at least level 8.

i think its more about map editor bugs than uber dragons levels, - u cannot get any neutral dwellings from 'random dwelling lvl...' object, u cannot get Enchanters from 'random level 6 monsters' and Sharpshooters from 'lvl 4'. (btw, this is exactly the same list of units u cannot get from refugee camp: sharpshooters, enchanters, uber dragons).
all this definitely should be in the wiki, it seriously lacks the mapmaking part, but i dont have enough expertise in it.
we have just one solid in-game level proof - specialties with the effect based on a creature level, and it shows the uberdragons are lvl 7. --ShushMaster (talk) 15:13, 26 March 2019 (CET)

Incorrect, Enchanters and Sharpshooters can appear if random monster 6 or 4 are are selected, but you are correct neutral creature dwellings (sadly) can't appear from random dwellings. I have a lot of experience with the map editor btw.

interesting. re-tested it with AB, SoD and HotA editors - no sharpshooters/enchanters. and no energy elementals in any tier in SoD
are u using the default map editor? --ShushMaster (talk) 04:48, 27 March 2019 (CET)

Now a days I only play HotA (version 1.5.4e) so I don't remember exactly how things were back in SoD. But in HotA Energy Elementals (and Satyrs) can appear as a random monster 4 as Diamond Golems and random monster 6. I couldn't get Sharpshooters and Enchanters to appear though, so sadly you are probably right that they doesn't appear randomly. I don't understand why they made that decision. :(