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Secondary skills
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Basic Wisdom.png Basic Wisdom: allows your hero to learn third level spells.
Advanced Wisdom.png Advanced Wisdom: allows your hero to learn fourth level spells.
Expert Wisdom.png Expert Wisdom: allows your hero to learn fifth level spells.

Wisdom is a secondary skill, that enables hero to learn 3rd, 4th and 5th level spells depending on the level of the skill. Heroes without Wisdom skill can learn 1st and 2nd level spells. Basic Wisdom enables hero to learn 3rd level spells, Advanced Wisdom enables to learn 4th level spells and Expert Wisdom enables to learn 5th level spells.

As opposed to what the manual states, Wisdom is not required to cast third or higher level spells, only to learn them. Proof of this is that for example Solmyr can cast Chain Lighting which is a 4th level spell without having Advanced Wisdom. Also spell scrolls and Tomes of Air, Earth, Fire and Water enables hero to cast any level of spell regardless of their level of Wisdom skill. By default the following heroes have a higher level spell than their level of Wisdom allows them to learn:

Heroes with Wisdom as a starting skill:

All magic heroes start with Basic Wisdom except Necromancers and the following exceptions:


Wisdom is nearly compulsory to every hero regardless of the faction, hero class or map size. It may be unnecessary in simple layout small or medium sized maps, where the game advances quickly and straightforward. In other words, the game never progress far enough for spells above level 3 to be required. Another exception would be, that Orb of Inhibition or Recanter's Cloak is found early in the game. However, at large and extra large maps, Wisdom is vital for all heroes.