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Neither Hydras nor Chaos Hydras have any immunities, and they are the slowest level 7 creatures in the game. But when the hero has expert teleport, the Hydras and Chaos Hydras are excellent as siege warfare; teleport them behind walls and the will wreak major havoc on enemy troops. Counterstrike is devastating if the enemy surrounds them; each time they attack or counterattack, they damage all enemy troops around them.

Hydras and Chaos Hydras are generally regarded as the worst 7th level creature, serving only as a relatively strong defensive unit and guard for Ranged attack type units. In addition to their slow speed and lack of ranged attack or flight, their strongest ability - attacking multiple foes without retaliation - typically depends on opponents choosing to surround the hydra with melee attackers. While this can be devastating when the right battle is fought, more often than not your Hydras and Chaos Hydras will be outpaced, outshot, tied down with spells and tangled up in obstacles for the majority of the battle.

Combat strategy tip[edit]

A few chaos hydras defending a castle is about the best overall defense-for-cost strategy in the game. If you have a hero that can cast fire shield, counterstrike, shield, or anti-magic you can potentially defend a Fortress Town against an attacking army many times more formidable. Leave your hydras to defend and send your primary hero out with creatures level 1-6