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Tips for collaboration between towns[edit]

Castle & Necropolis[edit]

  • When you build a dwelling for Angels, Castle becomes the only town which won't suffer from bad morale when undead is in the army, as Angels increase morale, and when defending a town, consider Brotherhood of the Sword which will give Castle creatures additional morale bonus.

Castle & Dungeon[edit]

  • Paying full respect to Black Dragons who are extremely powerful, resilient, and fast, Portals of Summoning may produce Angels every week if you have their external dwellings, which will be useful if you have an opportunity to upgrade them to Archangels who have the highest stats in the game, besides neutral creatures. In general, an army of Archangels and Dungeon's Dragons is just unstoppable, and Anti-magic allows you to use Dragogeddon without losses, using both Black Dragons and Archangels and casting Anti-magic on the latter.

Castle & Cove[edit]

  • Hire Eovacius with specialty of Clone spell. He creates two clones instead of one when using the spell for the first time in the battle. Clone Archangels twice, which allows you to resurrect more units in the battle, or to resurrect all your army spending fewer spell points.

Rampart & Inferno[edit]

  • Learn Armageddon in Inferno's Mage Guild (if appears), and then rush through the map with Gold Dragons who are immune to 1-4 level spells (this tactical manoeuvre is named Dragogeddon), and Efreeti who are immune to Fire Magic. Gold Dragons are very strong, and Efreet Sultans are a powerful supporting squad (being meanwhile susceptible to Resurrection as opposed to Gold Dragons). A hero with Sorcery is highly recommended as it will increase damage by Armageddon. If you start with Inferno, Zydar is the best choice as his specialty is Sorcery thus he will cast more and more powerful spells when rushing through levels, and if your main town is Rampart, consider Alagar who starts with Sorcery.

Rampart & Necropolis[edit]

  • Similarly, you may learn Armageddon in Necropolis, which will allow you to make an unstoppable Gold Dragons squad (while no one in Necropolis is immune to Armageddon, which means that you won't get any support for Dragons). Also, Vampire Lords are significantly stronger than Pegasi, and Dread Knights are stronger than Unicorns, which means that, together with Elves, Gold Dragons, and also Dwarves and Dendroids as defenders, an army consisting of Rampart and Necropolis units can be extremely strong (however, at the cost of morale).

Rampart & Dungeon[edit]

  • This combination is the best for Dragogeddon because it provides an extremely strong duo of Gold and Black Dragons, for whom the term "Dragogeddon" stands (Armageddon cannot be learned in Rampart). Dungeon also has Malekith, a hero with Sorcery specialty and therefore the best possible hero for Dragogeddon.
  • Sephinroth, a Warlock with Crystal specialty (+1 daily), will help a lot Rampart's economy based on Crystals.

Inferno & Cove[edit]

Dungeon & Conflux[edit]

  • Possible this combination should be banned if there is a random map where you easily conquer a town in the beginning. Alamar or Jeddite, Magic University - that's all :)