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Originally Adela only contributed her skills prior to battles. If she could not convince her commander to avoid a fight, she would at least prepare a blessing for the troops as they entered combat. She was given command of the Whitestone garrison.

Special Ability

Specialty Bless.png
Adela's proficiency in the Bless spell allows her to cast it with increased effect, based on her level compared to the level of the target (greater bonus on weaker units).

Secondary Skills

Basic Wisdom

Basic Diplomacy

Additional Information

Class: Cleric

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Adela starts with a Spell Book and knows the spell Bless.

Bless Mechanics

Adela's bless specialty increases the damage of a unit using the following equation: Base Damage * 0.03 * Hero Level / Unit Level. This extra damage is in addition to the bless spell. For example: at level 18, Adela will provide a 54% damage bonus to Halberdiers, 27% to Marksmen, 18% to Royal Griffins, 13.5% to Crusaders, 10.8% to Zealots, 9% to Champions, and 7.1% to Archangels.

J R's rating: 3.5/5

DeftCrow's Comments: Bless is a solid buff spell to begin with, and the combination with Diplomacy makes Adela a coveted hero for any town (perhaps except Necropolis).