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The first campaign in the expansion. You play a Castle/Rampart/Conflux/Inferno Campaign. You play both on the evil and good side.
#REDIRECT [[Armageddon's Blade (Campaign)]]
[[Catherine|Queen Catherine]], her husband [[Roland|King Roland]], and [[Gelu]], a warrior in [[Erathia]]'s elite Forestguard, must work together to defeat the insane King Lucifer of [[Eeofol]] who will create [[Armageddon's Blade (artifact)|Armageddon's Blade]].  With it he plans to set the world on fire.
#[[Catherine's Charge]]
#[[Seeking Armageddon]]
#[[Shadows of the Forest]]
#[[Maker of Sorrows]]
#[[Return of the King]]
#[[A Blade in the Back]]
#[[To Kill A Hero]]
#[[Oblivion's Edge]]
*[[Catherine]], knight with Swordsmen speciality.
*[[Roland]], knight with Swordsmen specialty.
*[[General Kendal]], knight with Speed specialty.
*[[Gelu]], ranger with Sharpshooters specialty.
*[[Xeron]], demoniac with Devils specialty.
[[Category: Campaign]]

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