Armageddon's Blade (campaign)

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The first campaign in the expansion. You play a Castle/Rampart/Conflux/Inferno Campaign. You play both on the evil and good side.


Queen Catherine, her husband King Roland, and Gelu, a warrior in Erathia's elite Forestguard, must work together to defeat the insane King Lucifer of Eeofol who will create Armageddon's Blade. With it he plans to set the world on fire.



  1. Catherine's Charge
  2. Seeking Armageddon
  3. Shadows of the Forest
  4. Maker of Sorrows
  5. Return of the King
  6. A Blade in the Back
  7. To Kill A Hero
  8. Oblivion's Edge


  • Catherine, knight with Swordsmen speciality.
  • Roland, knight with Swordsmen specialty.
  • General Kendal, knight with Speed specialty.
  • Gelu, ranger with Sharpshooters specialty.
  • Xeron, demoniac with Devils specialty.