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Avauntnell is a region in southern Erathia that appears in the Hack and Slash campaign in The Shadow of Death.

The southern parts of Avauntnell are quite rocky, and home to many barbarian tribes, due to how close it is to Krewlod. The Erathians tried to build settlements here, but the harsh environment and barbarian raids made this difficult. The grasslands and forests further north attracted more settlers, and the Erathian militia had a presence here, including an order of knights known as the Knights of the Blade.

The eastern parts of Avauntnell are controlled by a small group of necromancers known as the "Ebon Hand". The Erathians decided that since they didn't cause many problems, it wasn't worth the time and expense to send their armies to this remote swamp region and deal with them.

The northern parts were home to the "Hand of Death", a necromancer cult that bribed the local Erathian militia to leave them alone. The main Erathian leadership were unaware that their militia had been bribed, so the necromancers were left in peace.

Some time before the Restoration Wars, Sandro hired Crag Hack to retrieve some magical artifacts from Avauntnell. The large barbarian ended up in combat against all the factions in the area - the barbarians, the Knights of the Blade, the Ebon Hand, and the Hand of Death, but he still managed to bring all the items back to his employer.