Blood Thirsty

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Blood Thirsty is the fourth and final scenario of the Dragon's Blood campaign in Armageddon's BladeArmageddon's Blade.


Right-click text[edit]

Ordwald lied to three powerful Nighon Lords. He told them, if they were to drink your blood they would also transform into dragons. Now your old opponent Ordwald and three powerful lords block your access to the upper tunnels. They want to kill you and drink your blood. You plan to drink theirs.



Mutare Drake Mutare Drake : I am successful. Now Ordwald and his lackeys seek to slay me and drink my blood. They believe it will transform them as the vial transformed me. They will never drink my blood. I will be the one to drink their blood.


Map description[edit]

Once again you must crush your enemies before they crush you. If Mutare dies then all is lost. With your two best aides this will still be a difficult battle.

Starting options[edit]

Timed events[edit]

Day 1 - Intro
Defeating the Lords blocking your access to the surface tunnels and the Nighon borderlands will prove my power to the rest of the Nighon Lords. You find yourself laughing with glee at the thought of the battles to come. You pause to admire your beautiful new claws, and then roar for messagers to summon your best two Heroes from the prior campaign. It's time to show the doubters I'm worthy to join the ranks of Nighon's powerful nobles. So they want to drink my blood, do they? I'll drink theirs!
Day 2 - Campaign Journal 1
War Diary: Things are going according to plan. I have established a base in the tunnels below my enemies and I don't believe they know I am here. Locals say there are two more castles nearby. I plan to quickly take them and then launch a surprise assault up through the subterranean gates.
Day 3 - Scout Report Gold and Leprechaun
War Diary: My Master of Scouts reported the Subterranean Gate near Castle Bat Fang leads to an enchanted area with a Leprechaun and Gold Mine.
Day 4 - Scout Report NW Castle
War Diary: Today the Master of Scouts reported his scouts found a neutral castle in the caverns to the northwest of our starting castle. They're still searching for other castles.
Day 5 - Scout report SE Castle
War Diary: My scouts have located another neutral castle to the southeast from my starting castle.
Day 10 - Campaign Journal 2
War Diary: A messager from General Miah, arrived today. He has obtained information, which he believes to be true, that at least two of the lords blocking my access into Nighon have formed an alliance. I would not be surprised if this is true. None of the lords I'm fighting now are fools. I'll beat them anyway. It will just be harder and victory will be sweeter.
Day 17 - Scout Reinforcements from Deep Caverns
War Diary: My Master of Scouts had good news and bad news today. The good news was a group of my forces from the Deep Caverns have arrived nearby to reinforce me. The bad news is they can't reach me 'til some monsters are cleared from the road to the Deep Caverns. Fortunately the road ends near Castle Bat Fang.
Day 23 - Scout report Dragon Utopias
War Diary: A while back scouts located a Dragon Utopia to the northwest, near a subterranean gate. A few days ago they found another Dragon Utopia located through a subterranean gate to the southwest. The Dragon Utopia is a day or so east of the gate.
Day 33 - Campaign Journal 3
War Diary: I'm going to have to counter Ordwald's lies. If people actually believe they can turn into a sentient dragon by drinking my blood, every Lord in the world is going to try to kill me. The cleverest lies are the ones people want to hear.
Day 43 - Campaign Journal 5
War Diary: Today I sent a messager to the Sage by Sinkhole Castle. I asked him to do some research to prove that you have to drink the blood of the Dragon Father, NOT my blood, to turn into a sentient dragon. I offered him enough gold, he better prove it.
Day 50 - Campaign Journal 6
War Diary: I got a message back from the sage agreeing to do the research. Unfortunately, he requires some additional precious resources to conduct the research, blah, blah, blah. FINE, he can have them! If he asks for anything else, though, I will have him for supper! My other lands can pay the gold, I'll pay the resource cost.

Mercury -5 Mercury, Sulfur -5 Sulfur, Crystal -5 Crystal, Gem -5 Gems

Day 55 - Campaign Journal 4
War Diary: Today I sent a message to General Miah to leak word to the borderlands that drinking my blood just makes people sick. He's to spread rumors that I had some of my heroes' drink some of my blood and all it did was make them sick for a week or so. The rumors will spread from borderlands to the rest of Nighon. Hopefully they will make me less of a target.



Location Message
72, 58, 1 Reinforcements arrive from your lands in the Deep Caverns.

27 Troglodyte Troglodytes, 12 Harpy Harpies, 10 Beholder Beholders, 6 Medusa Medusas, 3 Minotaur Minotaurs, 3 Manticore Manticores


Location Player Type Name
7, 70, 0 Orange Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
23, 45, 0 Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
25, 22, 1 Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
30, 25, 0 Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
35, 86, 0 Blue Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
47, 104, 0 Blue Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
55, 52, 1 Red Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon Bat Fang
63, 99, 0 Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
64, 77, 0 Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
66, 12, 0 Purple Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
77, 90, 1 Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon
96, 50, 0 Teal Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon


Location Hero
52, 52, 1 Your strongest hero from previous scenario
55, 53, 1 Mutare Drake Mutare Drake the Overlord
58, 54, 1 Your strongest hero from previous scenario
35, 87, 0 Ordwald Ordwald the Druid


Location Message
5, 107, 0 To Upper Tunnels
62, 58, 1 To the Deep Caverns
107, 2, 0 To the Surface Tunnels



Mutare Drake Mutare Drake : Ordwald is dead. His lackeys are dead. Their lands and riches belong to me. Soon, all of Nighon will belong to me.