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{{creaturestats|Castle|16|16|0|20-25|100|9|[[Jousting]] bonus|Creature_Champion.png|2|1200 [[Gold]]}}
#REDIRECT [[Cavalier and Champion]]{{keywords}}
The horse-mounted Champion deals extra impact damage when charging into battle.
Champions are recruited from Upgraded [[Training Grounds]].
This is the upgraded version of the [[Cavalier]]. You can upgrade your [[Cavalier]]s in [[Stables]] on the [[Adventure map]] at no cost.
Just what you'd expect. Dangerous.
Cavaliers love to charge the opponent, and are at their best when doing this from a distance.
This unit is one of the best targets for [[Prayer]]. The extra [[speed]] will help you boost the [[Jousting]] [[damage]], in addition to the [[attack skill]] bonus.
==Related Topic==
[[Tyris]] the [[Knight]] has a specialty in Cavaliers, which increases the [[attack]] and [[defense]] skills of any [[Cavalier]] or Champion she commands for each level she attains after the 6th level.
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