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The horse-mounted Champion deals extra impact damage when charging into battle.


Champions are recruited from Upgraded Training Grounds.


This is the upgraded version of the Cavalier. You can upgrade your Cavaliers in Stables on the Adventure map at no cost.


Just what you'd expect. Dangerous. Cavaliers love to charge the opponent, and are at their best when doing this from a distance.

Because of the Jousting ability, Cavaliers/Champions can be considered the game's number 1 when it comes to burst damage. Just equip the Necklace of Swiftness and Cape of Velocity to Sir Mullich, then cast Haste, Prayer and Bless on the Cavaliers/Champions and there you go - Stupid amount of damage any day. Cid SilverWing


This unit is one of the best targets for Prayer. The extra speed will help you boost the Jousting damage, in addition to the attack skill bonus.

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Tyris the Knight has a specialty in Cavaliers, which increases the attack and defense skills of any Cavalier or Champion she commands for each level she attains after the 6th level.

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