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  '''Note:''' the current convention is to add your comment to the top.  Below this note please.
  '''Note:''' the current convention is to add your comment to the top.  Below this note please.
Site moved to new server. Hopefully faster now
Still playing the game and loving this wiki, thanks alot guys! 20-3-2013
Still playing the game and loving this wiki, thanks alot guys! 20-3-2013

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You can just throw in whatever you want here, it's kind of like a thread in a board :)

Note: the current convention is to add your comment to the top.  Below this note please.

Site moved to new server. Hopefully faster now

Still playing the game and loving this wiki, thanks alot guys! 20-3-2013

Awesome wiki guys, it's really complete (1 or 2 weird specials are lacking but they s*ck so it's ok ^^) Learned a lot from this, cheers o/.

Looks like we're still having trouble with the occasional vandal ... they're double-posting in order to avoid auto-reverts, no doubt (not that we have a bot here to do reverts), or maybe just to make hand reverts more difficult. Anyway, it looks like I'm just about the only active member here at the moment; I hope others will join me and help revitalize the site ... and maybe play a game with me sometime. :-) Memetics 09:47, 11 November 2012 (UTC)

Bah. Due to excessive botting I've had to add captcha on all edits, not just edits adding urls. Retarded bot writers just let the bot keep trying with various random changes until it "succeeds" - which at that point they don't include any urls more, which make the whole thing pointless vandalism instead..

Summon Demons added. Great wiki by the way. I might add a few articles about In the Wake of Gods as well.

Moving the wiki to a new server.

He was one of those who helped build this wiki, coming from one of the forums you find link to at the communtity portal. I haven't seen him active for quite a long time, tho.

Sashko (frequent visitor): Very good wiki, guys! You're doing great job! I've readed hundreds articles here. Have only one question: who is "J R"? (in many articles, there's his "rating" of hero/town/etc.)

Due to problems with server at the same time as the admin was on vacation, the wiki have had some downtime. We're really sorry. --Terrasque

The wiki have been moved to a new system now.
--Terrasque 20:49, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

ImPaladin 10:58, 04 May 2006 (CET) - We should add information for all the campaigns. It shouldn't be too hard, just extract them and open them in the Campaign Editor.

Terrasque 23:58, 28 April 2006 (CEST) - Ok, the reason things have been down, and still is a few pictures missing, is because my server crashed. I managed to recover the database, and most of the pictures. On another note, you now have to be logged in AND have a valid email adress to be able to edit stuff. Merely logging in didnt stop the bots, as you can see on Special:Listusers. I hope this will be more effective.

Owenja - Wow, what a lot of vandals. Time for a little reverting. Do we want to consider making editing require logging in?

ShacklesofWar:My guess: that´s a hellhound. Anyway, I´m not sure the 3D-thing will destroy HoMM, but bad gameplay will. If they can just use the good parts from the earlier games, (gameplay and variety from HoMM 2 and 3, and those things that did work in HoMM 4 (not my favourite)), and then add something new, (that works in HoMM context), then HoMM 5 could be fantastic! But it will be VERY hard to accomplish.

Owenja - Is that a burning zebra in the second screenshot?

Terra - I know! It's in full fucking 3d! I'm almost certain they'll manage to destroy HoMM for good with that one :-(

ShacklesofWar:Have you heard? Heroes of Might and Magic V!!!!! is sheduled for release during 2006! Developed by Ubisoft. They have teaser pictures on their website. Thought you´d like to know...

Terra - IIRC: (right?)clicking on the skills shows bigger pictures.

Owenja - Well, you're one of the people in the wiki, not to mention the one running it. :-)

By the way, how'd you get the giant images of diplomacy and wisdom? They don't look like they were just blown up...

Terra - I like them. but in the end, it's up to the people doing it to decide, after all.

Owenja - So, I've uploaded all the hero images I have so far. Any suggestions or comments before I capture more? Are the specialty pictures worth doing, or should I skip those from now on?

Terra - It's laughably easy, actually. You just type {{templatename}} and *poof*, a red link pops up. You can then do {{templatename|item1|item2}} which will be {{{1}}} and {{{2}}} in the template, and so on. The creature template have up till {{{14}}}.

ShacklesofWar: Since I don´t know how to properly make a template, I improvised one under the "Campaign" area. Still need help to fill in the blanks, but it looks nicer already. Enjoy.

Terra - I think the way it was done on the Nagash page looked best.

Owenja - I've seen several different ways to include hero pictures: Gunnar, Grindan, Geon, Nagash, and Tazar. Which do we want to standardize on?

Also, all the spells and secondary skills have different artwork for the different levels. Do we want to add all of that in? (ie, Skill_Logistics_Basic.png, Skill_Logistics_Advanced.png, Skill_Logistics_Expert.png)

Docevus - I was looking at the list of heroes and a question occurred to me. Quite a few heroes specialiize in creatures and give those creatures bonuses based off the hero's level. The problem is, what are those bonuses? I know those creatures get +1 speed, and extra offense and defense, but I have no idea how to tell how much the offense and defense will increase.

Terra - Updated to latest wiki version. If anything bugs / is missing, tell me

Gaidal Cain - No sweat. Older versions are saved and are easy to restore.

HelcahisieRomen - Oh no, while editing one of the articles I blew up the whole stuff. I hope you will understand.

Terra - Simply put, png have greater quality (since it's lossless), but jpg take less space. I personally prefer png, but use jpg if the picture is of bad quality, or very large. I have some pics up at http://terrasque.mine.nu/~terra/newpic/ - but I haven't had time to chop them up, and frankly.. I forgot them :-(

Oh, and that steam page.. I've been thinking of deleting it, that kind of rant don't really belong here.

mo-Slimy - I've read blowing off steam article. Well, it was me who was talking/writing about pictures, but I was busy last three weeks (school, exams... and I'm still busy). I'm wondering that noone uploaded any pictures (maybe contributors have no spare time too). So I'm gonna try it. I need a little advice before. Pictures in wiki are in two formats .png, .jpg, which one is better, Terra? (They could be in one common format.) Thanx.

Terra Great :-) Maybe activity on that one can put some life into this one again.

John: various skills? You mean secondary skills? I agree, something a la the artifacts article, I think.

Also, one thing I've forgot to mention. I emailed the person behind Age of Heroes earlier about using some of the factoids on his site, and I got this back:

Feel free to use the info from AOH, but I ask that you make a link to AOH somewhere. If 
you use my own writing, not just game information, make a reference to AOH in the entry.

I have a link to AoH in the links section, and have had since before I asked.

Angelspit There is now a Heroes IV Wiki, called Heroespedia, at Celestial Heavens. The format is very similar to this one.

mo-Slimy> Plagues and Weeks/Months of monsters are described in Growth article.

John DiFool: We also need a menu for the various skills, the only really glaring omission. A "Miscellaneous" section would be nice to detail little pieces of errata like Plagues and Week/Month of Monsters...

Terra I dunno who's (if any?) got copyright on those images. 3DO is bankrupt, according to wikipedia, and their web pages are unavaliable.
So far I've just counted on no one suing, and removing images if anyone complains (which no one have done yet) ;-)

And frankly, objecting to game images being used like this, which is basically free promotion for their game, is beyond my logic.

Angelspit Game companies usually allow fan sites to reprint their artwork and their screenshots. You only need to give them credit somewhere. Terra might want to confirm this.

mo-Slimy There are almost no pictures. I would upload them but I have no copyrights. Probably the one who uploaded those few pictures here has also the copyrights. Am I wrong? :)

ShacklesofWar: Seems that the upgrading frenzy has slowed down to a trickle. We still need info about the campaigns, (could be huge on info), and playing tips. I personally would like an introduction to multiplaying over network/Internet, (common rules, banned items, spells etc.). (Only played Hotseat myself). Tactics on multiplaying, campaigning, certain maps, (in a campaign), how to maximize point results on maps and campaigns etc. etc. Please add more!

John DiFool: In what version do the Naga Banks give you Gems? They have always given me sulfur, from the initial unpatched ROE to the final version of SOD. Or did WOG finally fix this themselves?

ShacklesofWar: Aha! Now I understand. Thanks!

Sorry I was not clear. Experience is not lost at a Pandora's Box.

What I tried to say was that the article identifies with brackets what can be taken away.

  • Spell Points (gain or lose)
  • Luck (+3 to -3)
  • Morale (+3 to -3)
  • Resources (gain or lose)

ShacklesofWar:OK, but if it is specified, what then happens? Do the mapmaker specify that as well?

For the Pandora's Box the hero can only lose where it is specifically stated in brackets.

ShacklesofWar: I checked the Pandora's Box article, which claims that you can lose experience opening one of these. I think it would be a good idea to explain what then happens under the Experience article. Do you lose Secondary skills? Primary skills? Or does it just make it harder to get to next level (you now need 8000 exp to next level instead of 3000?) (Never lost exp with one)

John DiFool: Guess I wasn't as clear about the town costs as I should have been (I couldn't come up with a concise way of expressing what my intentions were). The idea was "basic" just tells you how much gold & resources you need to get maximum creature production going, without upgrade costs, and without any other "unnecessary" buildings (hence things like Marketplaces and City Halls are NOT included). This is important when deciding on what resources and mines you absolutely need, and which ones are just a bonus. Upgrades of course are strictly for upgrades + prerequisites (like 3rd level Mage Guild to get Black Dragons). Costs for EVERYTHING would be in the third column. So if we decide to stick with this plan the "basic" Conflux costs will need a bit of reworking. By the way the path to the Capitol will cost (if we assume no Fort or even Tavern is prebuilt):

40 Wood 25 Ore 26500 Gold

15 Wood 5 Ore 21000 Gold (Fort & Tavern prebuilt)

It is important to not double-count buildings (since I already included the Citadel & Castle in the basic costs they are not included here). We could add this in I guess if we wanted to...

Terra: I've been very busy lately, and will probably be for several weeks yet. Work, plus a game project me and some friends work on Because of that I've added mo-slimy and Gaidal Cain as sysops, as they seem to be pretty active and interested, to hopefully take up some of the slack. I will at least take a daily look at the wiki, and make sure things are running ok.

The NOTOC with the two underlines on either side removes a Table of Contents.

mo-Slimy> Can someone tell me what does " NOTOC " at the end of the article mean? Thanx.

John DiFool: Town Costs are now complete, except for Conflux (I'll let someone else do that one). Please let me know here if any of the figures are incorrect.

Terra: Server is back up. Reason for down: Power failure

Vadskye: Thanks Shackles. :)

ShacklesofWar:I reversed the chronological order on this page. You now enter new comment at the top of the page. (Above this one...) I also added a new section called "Campaigns" on the Main Page, here we need to put in some work.

Terra:You can set your timezone in the user prefs. I think the normal is GMT.

J R: I'm not fond of capitalizing letters. >_> I'm just wondering what time-zone does this site uses. I noticed my most recent contributions span two days but it's only 1930 here.

Remark: untested interesting statement about dispelling black dragons: guess it works only with either player carrying the orb, otherwise there would be nothing to dispel. And in this case them dragons can be targeted by any spells

John DiFool: The figures for total town costs as given in the Prima Strategy Guide are incorrect (e.g. they figured in a 5th level Mage Guild for the Castle). I'm currently fixing the figures for the 3 "good" towns...

mo-Slimy> to Vadskye> yes, and I need to add dwellings and upgrades to Stronghold troops yet.

Terra : Made a table for it. I have taken a few pictures, but don't have the time to cut and paste them. I'm putting them up at http://terrasque.mine.nu/~terra/newpic/ in case any of you have time.

John DiFool: I added info about costs for the Tower town, but I don't know now to format it correctly-if someone wants to make a table out of it, go right ahead. :-)

Gaidal Cain Rather, all adjectives and nouns in every name should begin with a major letter. That would probably be all words except "of" and "the":p

Vadskye: geez, did you just add 120 pages in two days???

mo-Slimy> Units seem to be complete here. Notice> All two-word names begin with major letter...

Vadskye: Why are you not registered? It is the shortest registration time I've found on a site in a very very long time :P

mo-Slimy ("212.55.247.variable" in numbers)> that's me. Please upload pictures to units. I cannot do it, probably I'm not registered... This site is great :) Keep adding!

Vadskye: Probably me and whoever is. Geez they added a lot of stuff! =)

Terra: Woah. Someone went berserk in my wiki. I can barely keep track of the changes! Keep it up! :-)

Kenaniah: ooh, coool... Me likey! ^_^

Anonymous Joe: looks like this site has potential. i may make some changes someday myself.

Vadskye: Yay I added a new section all by myself :P Have fun with this!