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The conflux town and units

The Conflux is a neutral alignment town with a focus on magic and magic-related units.

Armageddon's Blade map icon.png Only available in the Armageddon's Blade expansion.


The Conflux is the home of Elementalists and Planeswalkers. Most of its units are Elementals.


Common Buildings:

Conflux Specific Buildings

Creature Dwellings

Town Costs

["Basic" includes Fort, Citadel, Castle & any prerequisites: "Upgrades" also includes prerequisites]

Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 71300 25500 96800
Wood 25 12 145
Ore 45 20 140
Crystal 2 3 33
Gems 2 5 35
Mercury 12 35 75
Sulfur 2 8 38
Troop cost/week: 28500 Gold + 4 Mercury



Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Several great heroes
  • Phoenixes are the fastest creature in the game, outspeeding all competion by a large margin, and also have a base growth of 2
  • Many units unaffected by negative Morale
  • Many units unaffected by Mind spells
  • All 4 top-level units immune to Armageddon, opening up for the Dracageddon tactic.
  • Low level units are great for efficient map-clearing
  • Magic University allows heroes to wait and see what magic schools to pick; or they can have them all
  • The Aurora Borealis is the best Grail building, handing out all spells


Additional Information

Alignment: Neutral

Native Terrain: Grass

WARNING! This town is often considered too strong and thus is banned in many multiplayer games/tournaments.