Dead Man's Boots

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R Boots of Levitation
R Boots of Polarity
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M Dead Man's Boots
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M Wayfarer's Boots Horn of the Abyss
Dead Man's Boots
Dead Man's Boots Class: major
Slot: feet
Cost: 6000 Gold
Effect: Worn on the feet, these boots increase your necromancy skill by 15% (7.5% in Horn of the Abyss).
Dead Man's Boots artifact.gif Discovering a pair of beautifully beaded boots made from the finest and softest leather, you thank the anonymous donor and add the boots to your inventory.

Dead Man's Boots is a major class artifact, that is equipped in feet slot.While equipped the boots increase hero's Necromancy secondary skill by +15% (7.5% in Horn of the Abyss). If the hero does not have the skill, the boots have no effect. In Shadow of Death, Dead Man's Boots can be combined together with Amulet of the Undertaker and Vampire's Cowl to create Cloak of the Undead King combination artifact.

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Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss Dead Man's Boots increase Necromancy skill by 7,5% instead of 15%.

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