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The Dungeon is an Evil alignment town focused mainly on offensive magic.


Overlords and Warlocks build Dungeons as outposts for endless wars for power and wealth. Similarly minded creatures are treated as allies, others are enslaved by them. The forces of Dungeon have various ranged attack units and strong warriors, which are capable of quickly disrupting the enemy's plans.

Although Dungeon is quite expensive, it has serious magic and powerful troops, and it seems that these strengths make Dungeon one of the most popular towns in Heroes III. The strongest creature of Dungeon, the Black Dragon, has become a symbol of the Heroes series since it first appeared in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars. This great beast is indeed an enemy to be feared.


Common Buildings:

Dungeon-Specific Buildings



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Magic Heroes (Warlocks)

The following Warlocks are the magic heroes of the Dungeon town:

Might Heroes (Overlords)

The following Overlords are the might heroes of the Dungeon town:



  • Strong units
  • Mana Vortex: Doubles your max spell points once a week.
  • Can successfully do the famous "Dracageddon" tactic thanks to fast and powerful Black Dragons and Warlocks with high Spell Power.
  • The Battle Scholar Academy instantly levels up your starting heroes and can contribute to your seasoned heroes as well.


  • It is quite expensive to play as it needs many resources. This is especially noticeable on Impossible difficulty, because the Pillar of Eyes cost of one of each of the magical resources (Gems, Crystal, Sulfur and Mercury), which can be very hard to come up with early on.