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*[[Morgan]] is an Artificer.
*[[Morgan]] is an Artificer.
*[[Sam]] is a Mercenary.
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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.


Factory is the unreleased 11th faction for Horn of the Abyss, which is confirmed to be released in game version 1.7.0. This new faction will have the Wasteland as its native terrain, which was released in HotA version 1.6.0. The town's theme combines nature with an attempt to harness its power, which is reflected in the two "trees" of creatures and their upgrades.



As of August 2020, the revealed line up consists of:

  • Tier 1: Halfling –> Halfling Grenadier ("The basic version will fully replicate its predecessor from the original game, differing from it only in appearance; but the upgraded ones, Halfling Grenadiers, thanks to exploding projectiles created by talented artificers, will acquire the ability to ignore a certain percentage of the target's defense when attacking. This percentage will be flat, helping maintain the archetypal image of halflings as giant-killers.")
  • Tier 2: Mechanic –> Engineer (They can repair mechanical units in both forms.)
  • Tier 3: Armadillo –> Bellwether Armadillo (They are said to have an alternative walking animation: when having Haste cast, they will curl into a ball and roll instead of walking; this is purely a cosmetic feature.)
  • Tier 4: Automaton –> ??? (No released graphics or information available other than the fact they are possibly fully robotic.)
  • Tier 5: Sandworm –> Olgoi-Khorkhoi (Teleport, similar to Nymph, Devil, and etc. If they come out of the ground above a corpse, stack automatically consumes it, and its next attack receives extra attacks. Bonus strikes from multiple corpse consumes are accumulated. They are also said, when combating on ships, to not be able to use their burrowing (teleport) ability and will walk normally instead.)
  • Tier 6: Gunslinger –> Bounty Hunter (Retaliate to one ranged attack per round with a Quick Shot.)
  • Tier 7: Dreadnought –> Juggernaut (Both units have a special penetrating beam attack called Heat Beam. The attack pattern is similar to that of the Cerberus, but it also affects units including those next to the targets, similar to a dragon's breath attack. The attack can only be used "when the beam goes live", and both units will perform normal melee attacks otherwise.)
  • Tier 7: Couatl –> Crimson Couatl (Couatls can Meditate to become impervious to damage and skip their turn.)

NOTE: Both the Dreadnought and Couatl are set to be 7th tier units. Both dwellings may be built in the same town and both units may be recruited. They will NOT be alternative units like in Heroes of Might & Magic IV.

Ammo Cart is a War machine of Factory.



The two hero classes have been revealed to be the might class of Mercenary and the magic class of Artificer.

Factory will feature heroes from former games. These include:

Current Progress

As of 26th July 2022:

  • 7 out of 8 campaign maps are completed; the 8th map is yet to be developed and still requires testing.
  • 14 out of 17 cutscenes are completed; the last 3 scenes are under development but have all the 3D resources (characters, environment, etc.) ready.
  • All 16 heroes have been approved with names, specs, models, and portraits.
  • The graphics and town screen are close to completion; all the buildings on the world map are ready.
  • Sav (the main coder) hired many people to help accelerate the rate of coding, so many things such as special buildings and creature skills are almost finalised.
  • Paul Anthony Romero's original Factory theme will not be used as the town's main theme due to thematic differences, but it will still be used in the Factory campaign; the town theme will also be different.
  • The wasteland terrain and associated objects are ready and in the game as of 1.6.0.

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