General Kendal

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Hero General Kendal.png


Following King Gryphonheart's murder, General Morgan Kendal temporarily assumed the throne until a new successor could be found. History shall remember him as the only ruler of Erathia who allowed the capitol city of Steadwick to be captured.

Special Ability

General Kendal receives a 5% per level bonus to his Estates skill.

Secondary Skills

Additional Information

Class: Knight

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Note: There is no 'General Kendal' to choose in the map editor. He's based on another hero, most likely Lord Haart (ROE). His portarit, however, is found in the list of portatraits. A problem with using it on a RoE map is that with the inclusion of the Conflux heroes, his portrait was shifted to another place. This means that if his portratit is in an RoE map played with AB or SoD, it will show up as Thunar's instead.