In the Wake of Gods

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In the Wake of Gods is a massive unofficial modification of HoMMIII inventing script language and generally intended to stretch the boundaries of the original game capabilities. HoMMIII WoG presents new objects with various properties, drastically changed and improved creature abilities and a wide variety of custom scripts for altering the gameplay.


For players

  • New campaigns
  • New heroes' specialties
  • New monsters
  • New artifacts
  • New dwellings
  • New objects of different nature
  • New decorations
  • New unique animated decorations
  • Creature stacks have experience
  • Heroes have commanders
  • All normal maps can be "WoGified"
  • Hero skills are more balanced
  • Towns can be destroyed and rebuilt

For map creators

  • Ability to change a view of the map during the game (for example season changes)
  • Ability to set a custom hero' s portrait
  • Ability to incorporate customizable dialogue for maps
  • Ability to incorporate new pictures and videos for maps
  • Ability to do pretty much anything thanks to ERM Scripting and DEF-tools.

New Items

  • Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity
    • Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity
    • In addition to the regular bonuses, the Barbarian Lord´s Axe of Ferocity gives all of a hero's melee units an additional strike with each attack. This extra strike is added to the number of strikes the creature normally makes: if a creature already strikes twice, it will now strike three times. Ranged creatures do not receive this bonus when making melee attacks.
    • Requires the following artifacts to create:

And more

  • See the WoG Article on Celestial Heavens for a more complete feature listing.


External links

New Launcher


  • build all buildings: WOGMINASTIRITH
  • hero gets 5 archangels in each free troop slot: WOGGALADRIEL
  • hero gets all war machines: WOGOLIPHAUNT
  • hero gains a level: WOGGANDALFWHITE
  • hero receives unlimited movement: WOGSHADOWFAX
  • reveals puzzle map: WOGPALANTIR
  • reveals entire world map: WOGEYEOFSAURON
  • player receives 100000 gold plus 100 of each resource: WOGISENGARD
  • hero gets all spells plus 999 spell points: WOGSARUMAN
  • hero gains up to 50 death knights: WOGPATHOFTHEDEAD
  • player automatically loses scenario: WOGDARKLORD
  • player automatically wins scenario: WOGONERING
  • hero gains maximum luck: WOGBILBO
  • replaces the shroud over the entire map: WOGMORDOR
  • hero gains maximum morale: WOGFELLOWSHIP
  • increases color saturation: WOGSARUMANOFMANYCOLORS

The following codes may only be used in combat:

  • automatically win the combat: WOGFRODO
  • automatically lose the combat: WOGDENETHOR
  • hero gets all spells plus 999 spell points: WOGGANDALF


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