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Adventure Map Inferno capitol.gif
Fully built Inferno, as seen on the adventure map

Adventure Map Inferno capitol (HotA).gif
Fully built Inferno, as seen on the adventure map. (Horn of the Abyss) Horn of the Abyss

Castle Castle
Rampart Rampart
Tower Tower
Inferno Inferno
Necropolis Necropolis
Dungeon Dungeon
Stronghold Stronghold
Fortress Fortress
Conflux Conflux Armageddon's Blade
Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss

Inferno is an evil alignment town with the demoniac and heretic hero classes. Infernos can be found in Erathian regions blighted by the emergence of the underworld on the surface. Demoniac and heretic heroes stand in an uneasy alliance with these towns. Inferno represents Eeofol.

Inferno's native terrain is lava.

Inferno Creature Dwellings

Inferno Specific Buildings

Halls Fortifications Tavern, Marketplace & Resource Silo Mage Guilds Banned spells
Village Hall Village Hall Fort Fort Tavern Tavern Mage Guild level 1 Mage Guild
level 1
Inferno Town Hall large.gif Town Hall Citadel Citadel Marketplace Marketplace Mage Guild level 2 Mage Guild
level 2
City Hall City Hall Castle Castle Resource Silo Resource Silo
Produces +1 Mercury
Mage Guild level 3 Mage Guild
level 3
Capitol Capitol Blacksmith
Ammo cart.png
Mage Guild level 4 Mage Guild
level 4
Mage Guild level 5 Mage Guild
level 5
Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 38300 32500 115300
Wood 45 15 120
Ore 55 20 120
Crystal 0 4 28
Gem 3 9 36
Mercury 23 39 86
Sulfur 3 19 51
Troop cost/week: 28090 Gold + 4 Mercury

Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2 Spell
Calh Calh  Demoniac  Specialty Gogs small.gif  Gogs Basic Archery  Basic Archery  Basic Scouting  Basic Scouting 
Fiona Fiona  Demoniac  Specialty Hell Hounds small.gif  Hell Hounds Advanced Scouting  Advanced Scouting   
Ignatius Ignatius  Demoniac  Specialty Imps small.gif  Imps Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Basic Resistance  Basic Resistance 
Marius Marius  Demoniac  Specialty Demons small.gif  Demons Advanced Armorer  Advanced Armorer   
Nymus Nymus  Demoniac  Specialty Pit Fiends small.gif  Pit Fiends Advanced Offense  Advanced Offense   
Octavia Octavia  Demoniac  Specialty Gold small.gif  Gold Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Basic Offense  Basic Offense 
Pyre Pyre  Demoniac  Specialty Ballista small.gif  Ballista Basic Logistics  Basic Logistics  Basic Artillery  Basic Artillery 
Rashka Rashka  Demoniac  Specialty Efreet small.gif  Efreet Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom 
Xeron Xeron Armageddon's Blade  Demoniac  Specialty Devils small.gif  Devils Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics 
Ash Ash  Heretic  Specialty Bloodlust small.gif  Bloodlust Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Eagle Eye  Basic Eagle Eye  Bloodlust small.png Bloodlust 
Axsis Axsis  Heretic  Specialty Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Protection from Air small.png Protection from Air 
Ayden Ayden  Heretic  Specialty Intelligence small.gif  Intelligence Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Intelligence  Basic Intelligence  View Earth small.png View Earth 
Calid Calid  Heretic  Specialty Sulfur small.gif  Sulfur Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Learning  Basic Learning  Haste small.png Haste 
Olema Olema  Heretic  Specialty Weakness small.gif  Weakness Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Ballistics  Basic Ballistics  Weakness small.png Weakness 
Xarfax Xarfax  Heretic  Specialty Fireball small.gif  Fireball Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Fireball small.png Fireball 
Xyron Xyron  Heretic  Specialty Inferno (spell) small.gif  Inferno (spell) Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Inferno small.png Inferno 
Zydar Zydar  Heretic  Specialty Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery  Stone Skin small.png Stone Skin 

Name  Town Lvl Att Def D- D+ HP Spd Grw Val Cost  Special
Imp Imp Town portrait Inferno small.gif 1 2 3 1 2 4 5 15 50 50 Gold  
Familiar Familiar Town portrait Inferno small.gif 1+ 4 4 1 2 4 7 15 60 60 Gold   Magic channel
Gog Gog Town portrait Inferno small.gif 2 6 4 2 4 13 4 8 159 125 Gold   Ranged (12 shots)
Magog Magog Town portrait Inferno small.gif 2+ 7 4 2 4 13 6 8 240 175 Gold   Ranged (24 shots), Fireball attack
Hell Hound Hell Hound Town portrait Inferno small.gif 3 10 6 2 7 25 7 5 357 200 Gold  
Cerberus Cerberus Town portrait Inferno small.gif 3+ 10 8 2 7 25 8 5 392 250 Gold   No enemy retaliation, 3-headed attack
Demon Demon Town portrait Inferno small.gif 4 10 10 7 9 35 5 4 445 250 Gold  
Horned Demon Horned Demon Town portrait Inferno small.gif 4+ 10 10 7 9 40 6 4 480 270 Gold  
Pit Fiend Pit Fiend Town portrait Inferno small.gif 5 13 13 13 17 45 6 3 765 500 Gold  
Pit Lord Pit Lord Town portrait Inferno small.gif 5+ 13 13 13 17 45 7 3 1224 700 Gold   Summon demons
Efreeti Efreeti Town portrait Inferno small.gif 6 16 12 16 24 90 9 2 1670 900 Gold   Flying, Fire immunity, Hates Genies
Efreet Sultan Efreet Sultan Town portrait Inferno small.gif 6+ 16 14 16 24 90 13 2 2343 1100 Gold   Flying, Fire shield, Fire immunity, Hates Genies
Devil Devil Town portrait Inferno small.gif 7 19 21 30 40 160 11 1 5101 2700 Gold , 1 Mercury  Teleporting, No enemy retaliation, Luck -1, Hates Angels
Arch Devil Arch Devil Town portrait Inferno small.gif 7+ 26 28 30 40 200 17 1 7115 4500 Gold , 2 Mercury  Teleporting, No enemy retaliation, Luck -2, Hates Angels


User commentary

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  • Inferno armies have great hand-to-hand attack units and are only slightly hampered at the lower levels by a lack of flying units until the awesome, teleporting devils can be brought into play.
  • Castle Gate is a significant advantage of Inferno. It enables to only upgrade creature dwellings in one town, and use the gate to transfer them to be upgraded between towns.
  • Creating a Demon horde easily: Attack any creep on the map. Blind it, so the battle lasts as long as you want. Cast Fire Wall/Fireball/Inferno/Meteor Shower on your Imps. When they die, raise Demons, then finish the enemy.
  • Another good thing about the Castle Gate is that one hero can be used to defend all towns.
  • After the Lich the Magog is the only one with attack in area but is compatible with Frenzy and Bless.
  • The manual states that Inferno armies have great hand-to-hand attack units, and are slightly hampered at the lower levels by a lack of flying units until the devils arrive. The statement is supported by the fact that compared to their levels, many of the Inferno's creatures have relatively high speed values and maximum damage values. However, lack of flying units is untrue in the sense that Efreeti and Efreet sultans are definitely noteworthy adversaries. While Inferno troops are great for attacking they are not strong defenders which means that combat strategy with Inferno should be based on first strike.
  • Another weakness in Inferno's army is lack of shooters. Gogs and Magogs are the slowest creatures in Inferno's arsenal, which makes them a somewhat liability considering the mobility of heroes. Additionally, usefulness of Magogs' special ability to throw fireballs is controversial as they may inflict damage to allied troops as well.


  • Castle Gate: A life-saver on maps where you control more than one Inferno town.
  • Pit Lord's Demon summon ability: Lets you horde demons. Consider using Marius whose specialty is Demons as your main hero if using this strategy. If using this strategy, there is almost no need to spend time and resources to upgrade Imps and Gogs or to even build the upgraded buildings since the upgrade does not increase their health (see Summon demons).
  • Efreet Sultans are very good at clearing a map: they have speed, damage, and enough health. They can also be used in a Dragogeddon combo. Consider splitting them into many stacks of 1 unit only in the early game without carrying any other creatures to reduce losses and to increase your hero's movement points.
  • This town has the highest chance to get the Blind spell in the Mage Guild.
  • Cerberus are very powerful with Bless/Haste/Counterstrike.
  • Both Devils/Arch Devils and Cerberi have no enemy retaliation.
  • The -2 Luck decrease of enemies' Luck is a lot more useful in Horn of the Abyss than without the mod because it introduced negative Luck. Negative Luck gives every stack a chance of 1/12, 1/6, 1/4 with -1, -2, -3 luck to do about half damage only. Assuming the opponent has 7 stacks, on average 0.58/1.17/1.75 stacks will only do about half damage every round if the opponent has -1/-2/-3 luck. This is a significant advantage. Additionally equipped with artifacts that decrease the opponent's luck, this can prove to be devastating, especially against wandering creatures who do not have a hero increasing their luck through artifacts.
  • Familiars have 7 Speed. You can give them to secondary heroes to increase their movement points without affecting your primary hero's army strength. If you want, you could even hand out Cerberi for a speed of 8.


  • This town is difficult to play.
  • If all buildings can be built, Inferno costs the most gold to fully build up. (Castle Gate alone costs 10,000 gold and is not essential; Furthermore, Imps' and Gogs' upgraded buildings are not necessary when using the Demon Farming Strategy).
  • Arch Devils are very expensive. (But, in hota their ability which decreases enemies' luck got a big boost by introducing negative luck and doubling the bonus for Arch Devils).
  • Lacking in the Hero department. (When using Demon Farming, Marius is not terrible at least, and Octavia gives gold when playing at Difficult/Impossible Difficulty).
  • Imps and Familiars are incredibly weak first level units, and have no redeeming features save their speed (the Familiars' Magic Channel ability is hardly noticeable). (But, they can be sacrificed to be raised as Demons).
  • The Inferno produces the least hit points per week of all the towns. (But it can Summon Demons which partially makes up for it. Also, it has a 20% chance of getting Resurrection in the Mage Guild).
  • Only one ranged unit, and small tier units have low mobility. (Using Demon Farming you will sacrifice them anyways to raise them as Demons. Then, use Marius to get minimum army speed of 7 which is pretty good).

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