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{{Spell table row|Summon Water Elemental|5|Water Magic|Summons a troop of [[Water Elemental]]s.}}
{{Spell table row|Summon Water Elemental|5|Water Magic|Summons a troop of [[Water Elemental]]s.}}
{{Spell table row|Titan's Lightning Bolt|5|Air Magic|Does 600 damage. Requires [[Titan's Thunder]].}}
{{Spell table row|Titan's Lightning Bolt|5|Air Magic|Does 600 damage. Requires [[Titan's Thunder]].}}
[[Category: Spells|*]]
[[Category: Spells|*]]
[[Category: Lists|Spells]]
[[Category: Lists|Spells]]

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List of spells includes all the available spells in Heroes of Might and Magic III. The list is sortable by name, level or class.

Name Level Class Effect
Bloodlust small.png Bloodlust 1 Fire Magic Increases target allied troop's, or at Expert level all allied troops', attack skill value for hand-to-hand attacks. Additionally, counters Weakness.
Cure small.png Cure 1 Water Magic Removes all negative spell effects and heals either target allied troop or at Expert level all allied troops.
Curse small.png Curse 1 Fire Magic Target enemy unit or at Expert level all enemy units inflict minimum damage when attacking.
Dispel small.png Dispel 1 Water Magic Removes all spell effects from target creature, or at Expert level all creatures on the battlefield.
Bless small.png Bless 1 Water Magic Target allied creature, or at Expert level all allied creatures inflict maximum damage when attacking.
Haste small.png Haste 1 Air Magic Target allied troop's, or at Expert level all allied troops', speed is increased.
Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 1 All Causes damage to target enemy troop.
Protection from Fire small.png Protection from Fire 1 Fire Magic Reduces damage from fire magic spells for target allied troop, or at Expert level for all allied troops.
Protection from Water small.png Protection from Water 1 Water Magic Reduces damage from water magic spells for target allied troop, or at Expert level for all allied troops.
Shield small.png Shield 1 Earth Magic Reduces hand-to-hand damage delivered to target allied troop, or at Expert level to all allied troops.
Slow small.png Slow 1 Earth Magic Target enemy troop's, or at Expert level all enemy troops', speed is decreased.
Summon Boat small.png Summon Boat 1 Water Magic Summons an unoccupied boat next to hero.
Stone Skin small.png Stone Skin 1 Earth Magic Increases defence of unit
View Air small.png View Air 1 Air Magic Reveals the location of all unclaimed artifacts
View Earth small.png View Earth 1 Earth Magic Reveals location of all resources to caster
Blind small.png Blind 2 Fire Magic Unit cannot move until spell is removed or until unit is attacked
Unit retaliates at a reduced strength
Retaliation strength depends on skill level of caster
Death Ripple small.png Death Ripple 2 Earth Magic Damages all non-undead units
Disguise small.png Disguise 2 Air Magic Gives false information to an enemy attempting to view your hero
Disrupting Ray small.png Disrupting Ray 2 Air Magic Reduces the selected enemy's unit's defence strength.
A single enemy may be targeted multiple times by this spell
Fire Wall small.png Fire Wall 2 Fire Magic Wildfire appears on battlefield specified by caster
Units passing through it will take damage
Damage and size depends on skill level
Fortune small.png Fortune 2 Air Magic Increases selected unit's luck
Ice Bolt small.png Ice Bolt 2 Water Magic Damages unit with an ice bolt
Lightning Bolt small.png Lightning Bolt 2 Air Magic Damages unit with a lightning bolt
Precision small.png Precision 2 Air Magic Increases the ranged attack damage of unit
Protection from Air small.png Protection from Air 2 Air Magic Reduces damage from air spells
Quicksand small.png Quicksand 2 Earth Magic Places quicksand randomly around the battlefield
Only visible to caster and creatures native to terrian
Ends unit's turn if passing through the quicksand and makes it visible to all
No. of quicksands placed depends on skill level
Remove Obstacle small.png Remove Obstacle 2 Air Magic Removes any normal obstacle(trees, rocks, etc.) of caster's choice
Advanced skill allow removal of fire walls
Scuttle Boat small.png Scuttle Boat 2 Water Magic Chance of destroying an unoccupied boat that you own
% chance depends on skill level
Visions small.png Visions 2 All Displays enemy heros or creatures statistics as if they were your own troops depending on skill level.
Weakness small.png Weakness 2 Water Magic Reduces unit's attack strength
Air Shield small.png Air Shield 3 Air Magic Reduces damage received from ranged attacks
Animate Dead small.png Animate Dead 3 Earth Magic Re-animates selected undead by retoring a fixed no. of hitpoints to unit
No. of hitpoint restored depends on skill level
Anti-Magic small.png Anti-Magic 3 Earth Magic Protects unit from spells
Level of spells protected from depends on skill level
Destroy Undead small.png Destroy Undead 3 Air Magic Damages all undead units
Earthquake small.png Earthquake 3 Earth Magic Damages a no. of sections of castle wall at random
No. of sections and damage done depends on skill level of caster
Fireball small.png Fireball 3 Fire Magic Units within radius damaged by ball of fire (similar to Magog's attack)
Force Field small.png Force Field 3 Earth Magic Places a force field on the battlefield specified by caster
Units cannot pass this field
Size of force field depends on skill level
Forgetfulness small.png Forgetfulness 3 Water Magic Unit forgets to use its ranged attack
Frost Ring small.png Frost Ring 3 Water Magic Damages units in range with a frost ring
Does not damage target hex
Hypnotize small.png Hypnotize 3 Air Magic Puts enemy unit temporarily under your control
Land Mine small.png Land Mine 3 Fire Magic Places landmines on battlefield at random places
Only visible to caster and creatures native to the terrain
No. of mines placed and damage output depends on skill level
Mirth small.png Mirth 3 Water Magic Unit's morale increases
Misfortune small.png Misfortune 3 Fire Magic Unit's luck reduced
Protection from Earth small.png Protection from Earth 3 Earth Magic Reduces damage recieved from earth spells
Teleport small.png Teleport 3 Water Magic Teleports a friendly unit to an unoccupied spot on the battlefield
If skill level is expert, units can be teleported over walls
Armageddon small.png Armageddon 4 Fire Magic All units on battlefield take damage
Berserk small.png Berserk 4 Fire Magic Targeted unit attacks nearest unit, be it friend or foe
Chain Lightning small.png Chain Lightning 4 Air Magic Damages units with lightning
Full damage on selected unit, then travels to nearest unit inflicting half damage, then again to nearest unit inflicting quarter damage etc.
No. of units hit depends on skill level
Can damage own troops
Clone small.png Clone 4 Water Magic Duplicates a unit
Unit dispels once attacked
Level of unit able to be cloned depends on skill level
Counterstrike small.png Counterstrike 4 Air Magic Retaliations per round increased
No. increased by depends on skill level
Fire Shield small.png Fire Shield 4 Fire Magic Does not provide additional protection
Unit attacking through a fire shield will suffer damage proportional to its attack
Proportion inflicted depends on skill level of caster
Frenzy small.png Frenzy 4 Fire Magic Unit has increased attack strength but zero defence
Increased attack is proportional to original defence stength
Proportion depends on skill level of caster
File:Inferno (spell) small.png Inferno (spell) 4 Fire Magic Damages unit within blast radius
Meteor Shower small.png Meteor Shower 4 Earth Magic Causes damages via meteors within radius
Prayer small.png Prayer 4 Water Magic Unit's attack, defence and speed increases
Resurrection small.png Resurrection 4 Earth Magic Resurrects units in a selected group by restoring a fixed no. of hitpoints
No. of hitpoints restored depends on skill level
Slayer small.png Slayer 4 Fire Magic Damage inflicted to Dragons, Behemoths and Hydras increases for selected unit
Sorrow small.png Sorrow 4 Earth Magic Reduces morale of unit
Town Portal small.png Town Portal 4 Earth Magic Teleports your hero to a town
Town must be unoccupied
Caster can choose town to teleport to if skill level is at least advanced
Water Walk small.png Water Walk 4 Water Magic Allows hero to walk across water as if it was land
Must end turn on dry land
Dimension Door small.png Dimension Door 5 Air Magic Once per day
Teleport hero to visible, unoccupied location on map
Fly small.png Fly 5 Air Magic Hero can fly
Must end turn on land
Implosion small.png Implosion 5 Earth Magic Causes massive damage to unit
Magic Mirror small.png Magic Mirror 5 Air Magic Chance of reflecting hostile spells towards a random enemy unit
Chances of success depends on skill level
Sacrifice small.png Sacrifice 5 Fire Magic Target non-undead troop is sacrificed in order to resurrect target dead troop.
Summon Air Elemental small.png Summon Air Elemental 5 Air Magic Summons a troop of Air Elementals.
Summon Earth Elemental small.png Summon Earth Elemental 5 Earth Magic Summons a troop of Earth Elementals.
Summon Fire Elemental small.png Summon Fire Elemental 5 Fire Magic Summons a troop of Fire Elementals.
Summon Water Elemental small.png Summon Water Elemental 5 Water Magic Summons a troop of Water Elementals.
Titan's Lightning Bolt small.png Titan's Lightning Bolt 5 Air Magic Does 600 damage. Requires Titan's Thunder.