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#REDIRECT:[[Lord Haart]]
{{heropic|Lord Haart Death Knight}}
Resurrected by his cult of necromantic followers, Lord Haart has emerged a more powerful foe than before.
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===Special Ability===
;Black Knights: [[Black Knight]]s or [[Dread Knight]]s receive +5 [[Attack Skill|Attack]], +5 [[Defense Skill|Defense]], and +10 [[Damage]] under Lord Haart's command.
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===Secondary Skills===
Advanced [[Necromancy]]
===Additional Information===
Class: [[Death Knight]]
Gender: Male
Species: Lich
Lord Haart starts with a [[Spell Book]] and knows the spell [[Slow]].
Lord Haart (as a Death knight) was introduced in the [[Armageddon's Blade]] Expansion as the main antagonist, making the players' lives miserable. He is not available in any scenarios or random maps unless the map maker has made him available.
J R's rating: 4/5
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