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#REDIRECT:[[Lord Haart]]
Some have said that Lord Haart's departure from Enroth was due to his ties with a Necromantic cult, but his service to the crown of [[Erathia]] has been as spotless as it was to Roland Ironfist before the Succession Wars.
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===Special Ability===
;Estates: Receives a 5% per level bonus to [[Estates]] skill.
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===Secondary Skills===
Basic [[Leadership]]
Basic [[Estates]]
===Additional Information===
Class: [[Knight]]
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Lord Haart is first seen in the tutorial. In the {{roe}} campaign, he poisons king [[Nicholas Gryphonheart]] in a ploy to disrupt the leadership of [[Erathia]] and resurrect him as a Lich. At the conclusion of [[Song for the Father]], he dies at the hand of the lich Gryphonheart after his treachery is revealed.
Lord Haart became a [[Death Knight]] and was replaced by [[Sir Mullich]].
'''See Also:''' [[Lord Haart (AB)]]
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