Mad King Gryphonheart

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Mad King Gryphonheart, or simply King Gryphonheart, is the unnamed King of Erathia who grew insane over time, and ruled Erathia by enslaving the Mudlanders and, for his sick, twisted ideals, - torturing them. Because of this, He did not receive support from all of Erathia - only the western parts of it, including the Mudlands. Most of the noble Lords of Erathia did not want to support him because of these facts - only three nobles managed to support the Mad King. These were: Lord Onsten, Baron Paglon, and Earl Rambert all of whom died in a battle against Tarnum's armies. King Gryphonheart had two sons: Niven Gryphonheart; and another unnamed son who never apeared in Revolt of the Beastmasters. He hated his son Niven, even sending even him to be kiled by Tarnum's army. But when Tarnum showed Niven the truth of what his father had done, Niven turned against his father and together with Tarnum they overthrew Mad King Gryphonheart and forced him to a one on one battle with Tarnum in which they both died, and in the process it was discovered (after trying to recover Tarnum's body from the battlefield) that it dissapeared due to his role as the immortal hero.