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Movement on the adventure map depends among other things on:

Base Movement

Base movement is your movement before bonuses from Artifacts, Secondary Skills and Adventure map structures are counted in. It's counted in how many tiles you can move, and are based on the Speed of the slowest creature in your army at the start of the day. One tile's worth of movement is one step horizontally or vertically on Grass. Moving diagonally costs 1.4 tiles.

Lowest unit speed Movement
3-4 15 tiles
5 16 tiles
6-7 17 tiles
8 18 tiles
9-10 19 tiles
11+ 20 tiles


Depending on your Pathfinding skill, and your units' Native Terrain, you might get Movement Penalties on certian Terrains

Water movement

Water Movement is determined solely on the hero's Navigation skill, his Artifacts, whether his color owns any Lighthouses, and whether he's sailing on Favorable Winds or not.