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In the Wake of Gods introduces a new script engine called ERM (Event Related Model). It can be used to change many properties of creatures, objects, artifacts, etc., or to create completely new events and situations. Many such scripts have already been created and added to the game. You will find them in the 'data/s' directory in your main 'heroes 3' folder and you can activate/deactivate their possibilities through the Wogify Options menu, accessed from the scenario selection screen. Script 67 creates a Neutral Town.

Conflux Town troops are replaced with a selection of neutral creatures. Also, Conflux Heroes will have low-level neutral troops instead of regular Conflux troops and the might Conflux Heroes have new specialties.

Neutral Town Troops[edit]

  • Level 1 non-upgraded: Halflings
  • Level 1 upgraded: Rogues
  • Level 2 non-upgraded: Boars
  • Level 2 upgraded: Nomads
  • Level 3 non-upgraded: Fire Messengers
  • Level 3 upgraded: Air Messengers
  • Level 4 non-upgraded: Werewolves
  • Level 4 upgraded: Trolls
  • Level 5 non-upgraded: Sorceresses
  • Level 5 upgraded: Enchanters
  • Level 6 non-upgraded: Hell Steeds
  • Level 6 upgraded: Nightmares
  • Level 7 non-upgraded: Gorynyches
  • Level 7 upgraded: Rust Dragons

Note: creature growth and costs of some of the Neutral Town creatures have been adjusted to better fit their new levels. Fire and Air Messengers have adjusted stats and gain the double-strike ability. Air Messengers can also fly.

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