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{{Torso artifacts}}{{ArtifactH
{{Torso artifacts}}{{Artifact
  | class  = relic
  | class  = relic
  | slot  = torso
  | slot  = torso
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[[Category: Artifacts (HotA)]]
[[Category: Artifacts (HotA)]]
[[Category: Relic artifacts (HotA)]]
[[Category: Relic artifacts (HotA)]]{{keywords}}

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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
C Armor of the Damned
m Armor of Wonder
M Breastplate of Brimstone
t Breastplate of Petrified Wood
R Dragon Scale Armor
C Power of the Dragon Father
m Rib Cage
m Scales of the Greater Basilisk
R Titan's Cuirass
M Tunic of the Cyclops King
R Plate of Dying Light Horn of the Abyss
M Royal Armor of Nix Horn of the Abyss
Plate of Dying Light
Plate of Dying Light Class: relic
Slot: torso
Cost: 10000 Gold
Effect: Worn on a torso, this item reduces the Power skill of enemy hero by 25% during combat.
Plate of Dying Light artifact.gif The goblin you met at the tavern is acting incredibly brazenly, and the reason for that is obviously the luxurious armor on his chest. It becomes apparent quickly that the armor offers poor protection from a good kick in the ass, yet it still is good for something - but how would a dumb goblin know that?

Plate of Dying Light is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in torso slot.

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