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Dismissing a Troop

If you wish to remove a troop from the hero's army, display the troop's Creature Information window and

then click the Dismiss Troop button. All heroes in the field must have at least one troop, so you

cannot dismiss a hero's last troop.

Upgrading a Troop

Each creature is available in a basic and upgraded version. If a hero visits a town capable of generating a

creature's upgraded version, you may upgrade any basic level creatures by pressing the Upgrade Troop


Combining Two Troops of Like Creatures

If you have two troops containing identical creatures, you can combine them into one troop. Do this by

highlighting one troop, then clicking on the second one. The creatures in the first troop will be absorbed

into the second.

Splitting Troops

You can take a troop with two or more creatures in it, and split it into two troops. To do this, highlight

the troop, click the Split Troop button, and then click on an empty troop slot or troop of like creatures.

The Split Troop control will appear.

To split the current troop, move the slider control to the right. As you do so, creatures will be transferred

from the originating troop. Click ✔ when you are satisfied, or click the Cancel button to cancel the


Originating Troop

New Troop




Move a Troop to an Empty Troop Slot

To move a troop from its current troop slot to an empty one, click on the troop to highlight it, and then

click on the slot you want to move it to.