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Town View

All of the buildings currently built in a town are displayed in the Town View. As you move the cursor

around the Town View, individual buildings are highlighted (if Town Building Outlines is turned on in

the Adventure Map System Options). Buildings are identified by text appearing in the Rollover Bar.

Right-clicking on a highlighted building displays text describing the building's benefits. Clicking on a

highlighted building displays a menu appropriate to each building as described below. You may switch the

view to a different town by clicking on the town's portrait in the Town Selector.


Building Portrait

Building description

Required Structures

Resource Cost

Pay Cost



Each town has a hall. Starting with a village hall, you may upgrade this building to a town hall, then a

city hall, then finally, a capitol. Each version provides you with a daily gold income and the ability to

order the construction of other town buildings. When you click on a hall, the Hall Screen appears. On

it you can order the construction of new town structures or upgrade existing structures.

If you can build or upgrade a given structure, its name appears in a green box. If the structure is not yet

built, and you are unable to construct it for some reason, then a red X appears in the lower right corner of

its picture, and its name box is red. Structures you have already built, and cannot be upgraded further, have

a gold ✔ in their pictures and a gold name box.

You may right-click a building's picture to display the information found in that structure's Build

Confirmation Window. Text describes what benefits your town gains when the structure is built, along

with a list of structures you must build in the town before you will be allowed to construct it. The resource

cost of the structure is displayed below this text.

To construct a building, click on its picture. Its Build Confirmation Window will be displayed. You may

click the Don't Build button to cancel, or the Build button to order the building's

construction. When you build a structure, the Hall Screen closes and you are returned to the Town

Screen, where you see your new structure being built. Your town immediately benefits from it. Only one

structure per day may be built in each of your towns.