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Hero Hiring Price

Heroes for Hire

Hire Hero

Hero Info

Exit Tavern

Thieves’ Guild

Click on a town’s tavern to display the Tavern Window. In the tavern you can hear rumors, recruit heroes,

and view intelligence on your enemies gathered by your Thieves’ Guild. Close the Tavern Window by

clicking the Exit Tavern button.

Hear Rumors: A new rumor is displayed in your taverns once per week. This rumor is identical in all of

your town taverns.

Hiring Heroes: Two heroes can be found in each tavern, ready for you to hire. The heroes found in a

given tavern change each week. To view either of the hero’s Hero Screens, right-click on their portrait.

When you click on a hero’s portrait, it becomes highlighted. To hire the highlighted hero, click on the

Hire Hero button. You cannot hire a hero if you currently have another hero visiting the town.

View Intelligence: Click on the Thieves’ Guild button to display a report which compares your

performance against those of your opponents.

Creature Dwelling

Creature Name

Creature Portrait

Number of Recruits

Available Troops

Total Cost

Cost per Troop


Recruit Max Pay Cost