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Town Garrison

Each town can have an army stationed in its town garrison. This army can be composed of up to seven

troops, which may be moved, split, combined, or dismissed. When you recruit troops from a creature

dwelling, they appear as a troop in an empty garrison troop slot.

When a hero visits a town, their troops may be traded with those found in the town's garrison. You can

make the visiting hero the leader of a town's garrison by moving the hero into the garrison. To do this,

click on the hero's portrait to highlight it, and then click on the banner to the left of the first

garrison troop slot. The hero's army will be combined with the garrison army, and the hero will now lead

the army in defense of the city. You may swap the visiting and garrisoned heroes, and their armies, by

highlighting either hero and clicking the other.

Garrison troops and troops belonging to a visiting hero can be upgraded. If a town contains an

upgraded creature dwelling, the lesser creature troop of the same creature type provided by the dwelling,

may be upgraded for a price. To do this, double-click on the troop you wish to upgrade. This will bring

up that creature's information display. Click on the Upgrade button to show the upgrade cost for the

troop. This cost will equal the difference between the recruitment costs of the lesser and higher creatures, multiplied by the number of creatures in the troop. Click ✔ to pay the cost, or the Cancel button to cancel.