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Hotseat Games

Starting a Hotseat Game

Player Name Box



Hotseat Opponent Setup Menu

Start a hotseat game by clicking the Hotseat button on the Multiplayer Game Type Selector. The

Hotseat Multiplayer Opponent Setup menu appears. To add a player to the game, type a player's name

into one of the eight Name Boxes. Erasing a name from a box will remove a player. Once you have

entered a name for all the players who are going to participate in the hotseat game, you can click the ✔

button to go to the Scenario Selector (see Scenario Selector, pg. 9).

Playing a Hotseat Game

Hotseat games proceed like single player games except as each player's turn comes up, he or she takes

over control of the computer — sitting in the "hotseat," so to speak. Players can normally see opponent

movements in areas of the Adventure Map they have uncovered, however this is not possible in a hotseat

game. To see such opponent movements you may press the Replay Opponents' Turns button on the

Adventure Options menu.