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Medusas & Medusa Queens

Armed with bows, medusas and

medusa queens can attack at range to

good effect. Their hand-to-hand

attacks do the same damage and also

have a 20% chance of petrifying their

targets for three rounds. Petrified

creatures cannot move, take 50%

damage, and become unfrozen when


Structure Requirements

Minotaurs & Minotaur Kings

Minotaurs and minotaur kings live in

labyrinths and devour all who enter.

These bull-like humanoids are sure of

their ability to dominate in battle and

have good morale. This self image is

well-founded as they are durable and

have a very damaging axe attack.

Structure Requirements

Manticores & Scorpicores

Manticores and their venomous

cousins, the scorpicores, have features

combined of bat, lion and scorpion.

They attack with stabs from their

stinging tails. Scorpicore attacks have

a 20% chance of paralyzing an

opponent. Creatures thus petrified

take 50% damage and are unfrozen

when attacked or after three rounds.

Structure Requirements