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* {{H|Beatrice|Knight}} - Basic Scouting {{withhota}}
* {{H|Beatrice|Knight}} - Basic Scouting {{withhota}}
* {{H|Miriam|Captain}} - Basic Scouting {{withhota}}
* {{H|Miriam|Captain}} - Basic Scouting {{withhota}}
'''Heroes with Scouting specialty:'''
* {{H|Beatrice|Knight}} {{withhota}}
* {{H|Miriam|Captain}} {{withhota}}
== Discussion ==
== Discussion ==

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Secondary skills
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Basic Scouting.png Basic Scouting: allows your hero to see 1 square further into the shroud.
Advanced Scouting.png Advanced Scouting: allows your hero to see 2 square further into the shroud.
Expert Scouting.png Expert Scouting: allows your hero to see 3 square further into the shroud.

Scouting is a secondary skill that increases hero's scouting radius by one at basic level, by two at advanced level and by three at expert level. Related artifacts are Speculum and Spyglass, which both increased the scouting radius by +1.

Heroes with Scouting as a starting skill:

Heroes with Scouting specialty:


Scouting is a useful secondary skill early in the game. In enables hero to quickly reveal undiscovered lands, which may give the player an useful insight where to venture. However, during the end part of the map when the most important areas are already revealed, scouting becomes somewhat useless. For this reason, scouting is most useful for scout-type secondary heroes combined with traveling skills logistics, pathfinding and navigation. Scouting can, however, be useful to counter the effect's of Necropolis darkness shroud.

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