Seer's Hut

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An Adventure map object that gives out quests, but only one type per hut. Upon completing the quest, and returning to the Hut(or, when first entering it, if you already have fulfilled the quest), you will be prompted if you wish to receive your reward. All your quests will be logged in the Quest Log.


If you return after having received your quest but before completing it, you might get a message that contains more hints.

Possible Quests

  • Achieve Experience Level
  • Achieve Primary Skills Level (Note: Level can be set independently for each skill)
  • Defeat a specific hero
  • Defeat a specific monster stack
  • Return with Artifacts (Note: They will be lost when completing the quest)
  • Return with Resources (Note: They will be lost when completing the quest. Can be a different amount of each resource)
  • Be a specific hero
  • Be a specific color

Possible Rewards

Comment: The Seer's Hut can be set to reward the hero with nothing.