Seer's Hut

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Seer's Hut Seer's Hut Seer's Hut
Different Seer's Huts as seen on the Adventure Map.

Seer's Hut is an Adventure Map location, that offers a quest for the players to fullfill. Completing the conditions of the quest, and returning to the Hut, a hero will be prompted a question wheter or not he wants to recieve the reward. All your quests will be logged in the Quest Log. Returning to the Hut after having received the quest but before completing it, a hero might get a message that contains more hints about fullfilling the quest.

There are several different types of quests available, that are:

  • Achieve certain Experience Level
  • Achieve certain levels in Primary Skills (They can be independent for each skill.)
  • Defeat a specific hero
  • Defeat a specific wandering creature stack
  • Return with an artifact or artifacts (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Return with resources (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Be a specific hero
  • Be a specific color

Also, there are several different types of rewards, that are:

Additionally, the Seer's Hut can be set to reward the hero with nothing, but this defeats the purpose of having a quest to begin with.

Random maps

In random maps, all Seer's Huts will look for a random artifact located on the map. The rewards vary from creatures, gold or experience (33% chance for each reward on avrage).