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You try to start the game and the screen flashes briefly, and

you are returned to the desktop without an error message.

There are probably miscellaneous programs running in the

background that are interfering with the game and causing it

to crash.


For Windows 95 users:

1.Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time to

open the Close Program window.

2.Click on a program so that it is highlighted, then click

on the 'End Task' button.

3.Repeat this process until only 'Explorer' and 'Systray' are

left in the Close Program list, then try running the game.

For Windows 98 users:

1.Click on the Windows Start button, then choose Run.

2. In the Run line type in: "msconfig", then push the 'Enter'

key. (This will bring up the System Configuration Utility.)

3.Select the 'Startup' tab, and turn all of the check boxes

off, except for the one next to 'Systray'.

4.Press 'OK'. When you are prompted to restart your

system, click 'Yes'.

5. Once your machine has restarted try running the

program again.


If you are experiencing video trouble, launching the game, or

a kick back to the desktop, you may need to make some

changes to the Display Settings. To do this, please perform

the following steps:

To adjust Display Settings, please do the following:

For Windows '95

Click on Start in the Start Menu, next on Settings, then on

Control Panel. When the Control panel window comes up,

double-click on the Display Icon and click on the Settings Tab.

To adjust the Color Palette:

Click on the down arrow at the end of the "Colors" field, select

the appropriate setting then click on Apply (located at the

lower right area of window). A message may appear:

"Windows has adjusted your color display. Do you want to

keep this setting?"... select "YES", then the OK button

(Located at the lower left area of window).