Shield of the Damned

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m Buckler of the Gnoll King
M Dragon Scale Shield
R Lion's Shield of Courage
R Sentinel's Shield
M Shield of the Damned
t Shield of the Dwarven Lords
m Shield of the Yawning Dead
M Targ of the Rampaging Ogre
M Shield of Naval Glory Horn of the Abyss
Shield of the Damned
Shield of the Damned Class: major
Slot: shield
Cost: 6000 Gold
Effect: This left handed item increases hero's defense skill by +6.
Shield of the Damned artifact.gif Upon cresting a small hill, you come upon a ridiculous looking sight. A Sprite is attempting to carry a Shield that is almost as big as it is. Trying not to laugh, you ask, "Need help?" The Sprite glares at you and answers, "You think this is funny? Fine. You can carry it. I much prefer flying anyway."

Shield of the Damned is a major class artifact, that is equipped in shield slot.

Equipped in the Shield slot, this artifact increases your Defense by 6.

Part of Armageddon's Blade combination artifact in the Armageddon's Blade campaign together with Breastplate of Brimstone and Sword of Hellfire.

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