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Tarnum is the main hero throughout the eight campaigns of the Heroes Chronicles. He remains a male human throughout, but goes through several different classes.

Class Barbarian Knight Wizard Ranger Beastmaster Overlord
Hero Tarnum Barbarian.png
Hero Tarnum Knight.png
Hero Tarnum Wizard.png
Hero Tarnum Ranger.png
Hero Tarnum Beastmaster.png
Hero Tarnum Overlord.png
Special Ability
Specialty Offense.png
Tarnum receives a 5% bonus per level to his Offense skill.
Specialty Ballista.png
Tarnum increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Ballista he commands for each level he attains after the 4th level.
Specialty Enchanters.png
Tarnum has the ability to upgrade any Monks/Zealots and Magi/Arch Magi into Enchanters for a large sum of gold
Specialty Sharpshooters.png
Tarnum has the ability to upgrade any Wood/Grand Elves and Archers/Marksmen into Sharpshooters for a small sum of gold.
Specialty Basilisks.png
Tarnum increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Basilisk or Greater Basilisk he commands for each level he attains after the 4th level.
Specialty Dragons.png
All Dragons gain +5 Attack and +5 Defense
Secondary Skills Advanced Offense Basic Leadership
Basic Artillery
Advanced Wisdom Basic Archery
Basic Leadership
Basic Armorer
Basic Resistance
Basic Tactics
Basic Estates
Equivalent Hero Crag Hack Christian Dracon Gelu Bron Mutare
Notes Starts with Ballista Starts without a spell book!
Campaigns Warlords of the Wasteland, The World Tree, The Fiery Moon Conquest of the Underworld Masters of the Elements Clash of the Dragons Revolt of the Beastmasters The Sword of Frost


Before his death: Tarnum is a young Barbarian who has spent his entire life under the oppression of the Wizard-Kings of Bracaduun, but he has always dreamed that life could be better - should be better.

After his death: Judged by the Ancestors as unworthy of entering Paradise, Tarnum wanders the land seeking redemption for the crimes of his past. He is the Immortal Hero, a timeless protector, but personally troubled by the doubt that he can ever make up for the tremendous wrongs that he performed in his youth.

Sisters: Tarnum had two sisters which were taken away from his family by Bracaduun, as they forbade Barbarian families from having more than one child. When Tarnum discovered another nation of Barbarians who refused to join his war against the Wizards, he ordered the extermination of these "traitors", unaware that his sisters had been sent there and were among his newest enemies. One of them was killed by his own troops, but the other was rescued just in time by Rion Gryphonheart, the founder of Erathia, and the man who defeated Tarnum in single combat. He would later marry her, and they would have Allison as their only child. Tarnum did not discover before his death and resurrection as an Immortal Hero that he was slain by his brother-in-law.