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Artifacts list
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Pendant of Dispassion Pendant of Dispassion [[ Necklace]] Treasure 5000 Gold   Immune Berserk
 Pendant of Free Will Pendant of Free Will [[ Necklace]] Treasure 5000 Gold   Immune Hypnotize
 Pendant of Life Pendant of Life [[ Necklace]] Treasure 12500 Gold   Immune Death Ripple
 Pendant of Death Pendant of Death [[ Necklace]] Treasure 12500 Gold   Immune Destroy Undead
 Pendant of Total Recall Pendant of Total Recall [[ Necklace]] Treasure 15000 Gold   Immune Forgetfulness
 Pendant of Holiness Pendant of Holiness [[ Necklace]] Treasure 25000 Gold   Immune Curse
 Pendant of Second Sight Pendant of Second Sight [[ Necklace]] Major 25000 Gold   Immune Blind
 Pendant of Negativity Pendant of Negativity [[ Necklace]] Major 25000 Gold   Immune Lightning Bolt
Immune Chain Lightning
 Collar of Conjuring Collar of Conjuring [[ Necklace]] Treasure 2500 Gold   Spell durration +1 Part of Ring of the Magi
 Amulet of the Undertaker Amulet of the Undertaker [[ Necklace]] Treasure 10000 Gold   Necromancy +5% Part of Cloak of the Undead King
 Garniture of Interference Garniture of Interference [[ Necklace]] Major 10000 Gold   Resistance +5%
 Statesman's Medal Statesman's Medal [[ Necklace]] Major 25000 Gold   Surrender +10%
 Necklace of Swiftness Necklace of Swiftness [[ Necklace]] Treasure 25000 Gold   Unit speed +1
 Pendant of Courage Pendant of Courage [[ Necklace]] Major 35000 Gold   Luck +3
Morale +3
 Necklace of Dragonteeth Necklace of Dragonteeth [[ Necklace]] Major 30000 Gold   Spell Power +3
Knowledge +3
Part of Power of the Dragon Father
 Necklace of Ocean Guidance Necklace of Ocean Guidance [[ Necklace]] Major 50000 Gold   Hero sea movement + Part of Admiral's Hat
 Celestial Necklace of Bliss Celestial Necklace of Bliss [[ Necklace]] Relic 60000 Gold   All Primary Skills +3 Part of Angelic Alliance